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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

Common Questions About Our Rosin Presses

Do your rosin presses provide enough pressure?

What is the throughput of each rosin press?

How much can I press at one time on each rosin press?

How safe are your rosin presses?

Do your rosin presses qualify for food grade production?

What is the Longs Peak rosin press?

What is Pressware, or what kind of user interface do your rosin presses offer?

What does the Automated Pressure Control upgrade kit do?

What does the Dual Pressure upgrade kit do?

How do I use my Dual Pressure upgrade kit effectively?

Which orientation is better for my press? Vertical or horizantal?

What are the compressed air requirements for PurePressure rosin presses?

Where can I buy an air compressor for my press?

What heat plate actuation speed should I use for optimal results?

What servicing or maintenance do your presses require?

What heat plates sizes do you offer?

What yields can I expect to get?

Are your rosin presses UL listed?

Do your rosin presses require cleaning?

Do you have any at home rosin presses available?

How much power or electricity do your rosin presses use?

Will my infrared heat gun give me an accurate heat plate temperature reading?

What sort of table mounting is available for my press?

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Why do your rosin presses cost more than most presses on the market?

How do I update my rosin press's firmware?

Can I buy replacement parts for my rosin press?

Common Questions About Hash Washing & Filtration Products

Are your Bruteless washing vessels food grade?

How much can I wash at one time in my Bruteless vessel?

How do I clean my Bruteless vessel?

How do I clean the cryogenic sleeve (insulation jacket) on the Bruteless vessels and how often?

What is the difference between the solid hash washing paddle and the paddle with holes?

What is the Axis trichome separator?

How much can the Axis trichome separator wash at one time?

What are the compressed air requirements on the Axis trichome separator?

What is an open wash liner? Do I have to use it?

Which open wash liner fits on a Brute® trash can?

Which micron filter will give me full melt?

What is the Pneumatic Hash Pump?

What are the compressed air requirments on the Pneumatic Hash Pump?

Common Questions About Rosin Bags, Extract Accessories, and More

Which rosin bags should I use?

Do I always need to use a rosin bag when pressing?

Are your rosin bags compatible with any rosin press?

What are your rosin bags made out of?

How much material can I fit into your rosin bags?

Why do I need to turn my bags inside out?

Are rosin bags one time use only, or can they be used multiple times?

Do you offer custom sized rosin bags?

What is the maximum temperature PurePressure's rosin bags work with?

Do you sell filtration for mechanical fractioning and separations?

What does a pre-press mold do?

What kind of parchment do you sell?

What is the difference between parchment and PTFE?

Common Questions About Freeze Dryers

What is the difference between a Harvest Right Pharmaceutical and Home model?

What is the difference between a Harvest Right Pharmaceutical and Scientific model?

What is the difference between a Labconco and a Harvest Right?

What can the Labconco do that a Harvest Right can't?

Can I use my Pharmaceutical Harvest Right for food purposes as well?

How often should I change my Harvest Right's oil?

How much can I freeze dry at one time?

How do I get support for my Harvest Right freeze dryer?

Do you price match Harvest Right freeze dryers?

What shelf temperature should I dry at?

Frequently Asked Questions About Rosin and Extraction

Common Questions About Rosin

What is the shelf life of rosin?

What affects the color and clarity of rosin?

Can rosin mold?

Does rosin contain any solvents, such as butane?

Rosin vs BHO: what's the difference?

Is the THC % different in rosin vs BHO or other solvent based extracts?

What is full melt hash?

Common Questions About Hash Washing, Filtration, and Fresh Frozen Cannabis

How long does freshly frozen cannabis last in the freezer?

Can I press fresh frozen cannabis?

Why do people wash fresh frozen cannabis?

How do you test wash? How much flower do you need to perform a test wash?

What temperature should the room that I'm washing in be?

Do you have to use RO water and ice or can you use tap water and ice?

Where should I store my ice water hash if I am not ready to press it yet?

How do I calculate my yields from fresh frozen?

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is PurePressure equipment made in the USA?

What is the lead time on rosin presses?

How are the rosin presses shipped?

What should I do if I'm having a problem with my press?

Can I see/demo your equipment in person before buying it?

What if I don't see my question here?

What kind of customer support do you offer?

Common Questions About Training and Consulting

Do you offer training?

What is PureCannalabs?

Do you offer space plans or turnkey labs?

Do you offer online video training?