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Non-equipment orders ship FREE to the lower 48 states!
Non-equipment orders ship FREE to the lower 48 states!

5 Micron Nylon Mesh Sheets for Mechanical Fractioning

$ 20.00
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These 5 micron nylon sheets are meant to be used inside of our 25 Micron Stainless Steel mesh to further clean up high quality bubble hash and dry sift when doing mechanical separations. The nylon does all of the filtering while the stainless steel provides the structural reinforcement to help prevent a blowout. This combination is perfect for producing rare solventless hash products by filtering out many more fats, lipids, and very fine organic debris than is possible with a single filter. 

  • Ultra fine 5μ nylon sheets offer unparalleled filtration when performing mechanical terpene or THCA separations
  • Improves the quality of your solventless sauce, diamonds, and related high end solventless products
  • This 5μ nylon mesh is available in three pre-cut sizes (9" x 9", 12" x 12" & 18" x 18" sheets)
  • These sheets are not meant to be used as a standalone wrap or filtration product as the material is too delicate and requires an outer layer to provide structure

If you're looking to take your mechanical fractioning or separations to the next level, give these mesh sheets a try and see what's possible with your material!

Notes: we recommend only handling this nylon mesh with gloves to avoid contamination. To avoid blowouts, ensure that you wrap your material with nylon and then wrap again with a sheet of our 25 micron stainless steel. Please handle very gently and you may pre-clean your mesh with iso-alcohol as a secondary precaution when dealing with highly valuable material.

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