At PurePressure we have a few guiding core values that form the backbone of our company: Craftsmanship, Customer Service, and Quality. There's a reason our Pikes Peak rosin press has 5 star reviews from verified buyers, and we invite you to see what sets us apart from every other rosin press manufacturer out there. Read on to get all the details.

The Pikes Peak rosin press was engineered to last and each one is made right here at our warehouse in Denver, Colorado from top of the line components. We are proud of the cutting edge technology used to make our rosin presses and believe you'll clearly see the difference between our equipment and what our competitors sell. 

The Pikes Peak Rosin Press was built from the ground up for precise control. Our mission is to enable every customer to have full control over every aspect of the rosin extraction process. For example, the Pikes Peak rosin press can be operated in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Operators have full control over the temperature of each heat plate, the speed of the press, and the press time. Digital readouts of temperature and pressure allow you to save the last run data and easily replicate your best yields. 

Why Choose a Pikes Peak Rosin Press?

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Heat Plates

The heat plates in the Pikes Peak Press are available in either 10” x 2” or 10" x 3". The two sizes allow you to match your plate size with bag size, which minimizes the distance the oil must travel to exit the bag. Less time in contact with heat means less degradation to the final product. In a heated press the oil can only exit through the sides of the rosin filtration bag (not in contact with the heat plates). The best way to increase yields is to increase the area for material extraction. Keeping the heat plates long and narrow optimizes the perimeter to surface area ratio. This also helps prevent oil that has been extracted from sitting on the heat plates and burning/degrading the final product. Our rosin bags in combination with our custom engineered heat plates eliminate this issue. Many of our competitors sell presses with square heat plates and square rosin bags. With this setup the material in the center of the bag has a long distance to travel for extraction and the material that is extracted sits on the heat plate until the operation is complete.
Temperature distribution is everything! Our heat plates are manufactured in-house from 100% machined aluminum and offer superior temperature distribution. This means that every square inch of the heat plate is uniformly heated. We have measured up to 90 degree F temperature variations on our competitor's products due to poor heat plate design. Cold spots in your press will dramatically decrease yields and profitability. Our heat plates also have a high thermal mass which means that you can press a large quantity of material at once without ever dropping temperature during the rosin pressing operation. 


As everyone knows, pressure is king in rosin extraction. We have spent countless hours pressing dozens of varieties of raw materials and measuring yield versus pressure.  The Pikes Peak Press utilizes a 5 ton (10,000 lb) pneumatic cylinder.  Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its unique design is able to achieve these high forces with only 120 PSI compressed air. A comparable standard air cylinder would be over 10” in diameter! At the end of the day, the most important number is the actual pressure that the material experiences. Take a tea bag that is 2” x 9” and the force from the pneumatic cylinder of 10,000 lbs and distribute that force over the area of the bag to calculate the pressure that the material experiences (555 psi). So a rosin bag that is 2” x 3” under the same force would contain material that experiences 1,667 psi. We have designed our product to provide enough pressure for high yielding extraction, maximizing the value to the user.


The Pikes Peak Press can be used horizontally or vertically. The traditional vertical orientation utilizes a small footprint and is ergonomically efficient for the user.  The horizontal orientation allows for a gravity assisted directional flow of oil from the tea bag into a collection tray. This is great for production runs and minimizes the amount of scraping parchment paper that needs to be done after each press. We have included clips built into the machine to hold your parchment paper and tea bags in place in either orientation.

Plate Press Speed

Have you had issues with rosin bag blowouts? Often times blowouts can be mitigated by slowing down the speed of the heat plate as it comes into contact with the rosin filter bag. Our press comes with a control knob to dial in the speed of your heat plate. Turn the knob all the way out and the press is very quick and responsive. Turn the knob all the way in and you can watch the heat plates creep together, slowly achieving the set pressure. We recommend speeding up the actuating speed for flower, and slowing it down considerably for kief, bubble hash, and other concentrated material.

Full Electronic LCD Controls

PurePressure has developed its own controls for operating the Pikes Peak rosin press. What does this mean to you? Everything you need to see is on one screen. We display both heat plate temperatures, digital pressure readout and press time on one screen.  Did you get an excellent yield and you can’t remember what settings you used? Our controls save data from the last press that you do! You can see the actual heat plate temperatures, maximum pressure, and press duration in real time.


The Pikes Peak rosin press machine has endured vigorous life cycle testing to ensure long lasting performance. Each and every press is built in Denver, CO, and are individually tested at length prior to shipment. Each rosin press comes with an integrated air filter and regulator to separate any water and condensation prior to entering the components in the press. We take pride in offering you the highest quality rosin press on the market.


Safety is paramount when dealing with heated rosin presses. The Pikes Peak rosin press utilizes a dual button start to eliminate any potential pinching hazard. Further, its integrated clips hold your parchment and tea bags in place while you control the press. As a final failsafe feature, an emergency stop button cuts power to the heaters and prevents the cylinder from actuating if you ever needed to stop all operation in an instant.
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