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Pressware and Firmware Downloads for the Axis Trichome Separator, Pikes Peak V2, Longs Peak, Helix, and Helix Pro Rosin Presses

The files below are zipped and contain full, detailed instructions on how to upload and update your Pressware software. You will need a USB-A to USB-B cable (standard printer cable) to plug into the electrical panel from your computer.

Please contact us for the latest firmware version if you are not sure or if you are using a V1 Pikes Peak unit with legacy firmware.


Step 1: Download and install Pressware Connect (PWC)

Pressware Connect Windows & Mac Version 3.2.1 (Updated Sept. 22nd, 2022)

Step 2: Download the firmware file

Pikes Peak V2, Longs Peak, Helix, and Helix Pro Firmware Version 2R36 (Updated Sept. 22nd, 2022) — Make sure you have Pressware Connect 3.2.1 installed on your computer before completing this step!

Axis Firmware Version 4R61

Step 3: Power off your PurePressure machine. Connect the USB Type B connector into your machine. DO NOT plug the other end into your computer yet.

Step 4: Power on your PurePressure machine.

Step 5: Connect the USB cable to your computer.

Step 6: Open Pressware Connect and allow it to connect to your machine. It should recognize the current version of firmware.

Step 7: Select the firmware file you previously downloaded and start the upload process.

Step 8: Wait until your machine reboots on its own and press the PurePressure button on the home screen to verify the new firmware version has been loaded.

Step 9: Process complete you may power off your PurePressure machine, disconnect the USB cable and close any open or disassembled panels.