PurePressure is Your #1 Rosin Press Shop

Have you been looking to get into extracting rosin but don't want to settle for a cheap, foreign-made rosin press? Or are you looking to upgrade your current rosin press machine to get more? Based in Denver, Colorado, PurePressure has all of your rosin needs covered. Make sure to check out our revolutionary Pikes Peak rosin press, which was engineered for unparalleled control, yield, and rosin quality. PurePressure also offers its own line of premium rosin filter bags, parchment, and full business-ready kits. Each and every rosin press we make is manufactured at our warehouse from top quality components under the strictest quality control standards. 

Customer service is our first priority before and after a sale, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about our products or material processing techniques. If you're looking for in-depth rosin return on investment information, make sure to look at our ROI page!

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