Full Melt and Six-Star Hash Explained

If you have been searching for a top-tier cannabis extract on the market, you may want to consider six-star bubble hash also known as "full melt." This solventless, contaminant, and residue-free concentrate is typically "the best of the batch" so it often comes at higher price points. Full melt refers to the quality of the hash in terms of cleanliness, ability to melt without leaving residue, and the richness of the cannabinoid and terpene profile the hash contains.

In the industry, solventless hash is rated on a scale of one to six-stars, six being the highest quality. Three and four-star hashes are the most common quality ratings you will find in the market because true full melt requires truly primo material to make. These grades are sometimes known as "half melt" because they still contain some plant debris. Many times three and four-star hashes are pressed into rosins for further filtration before consumption. If you are fortunate enough to produce a true six-star full melt, there is really no reason to press it into rosin—it can be dabbed as is. In addition to being extremely clean, full melt hash is one of, if not the best, concentrates for retaining as much of the plant’s profile as possible.

Bubble hash in glass container

Pictured: six-star quality bubble hash processed by Eric Simpson (Instagram: @SimpsonSolventless)

Ice water extraction is the most common method used when making a full melt hash. Though, some producers prefer to collect their trichomes through a dry sifting process instead. Regardless of the method used, hash is commonly given the name "full melt" while not always earning that title. Some producers, whether it be by mistake or purposeful, end up mislabeling their less than six-star hash as a full melt.

True full melt hash should be only the best of the best trichome heads and stalks, typically between 90 and 73 microns (μm), but can also go up to 120μm. The terpenes and cannabinoids will be rich, offering a flavorful, aromatic experience. When tested in a lab setting, your hash should have a medium to high potency and zero contaminants, especially if it was sourced from growers with premium, properly grown cultivars.

Cake Fuel 13 Trichome Heads with Micrometer measurments

Pictured: 73, 90, and 120μm shown on a trichome from cultivar Cake Fuel 13 by Farmhouse Studio Genetics (Instagram: @shwale)


The clearest way to know if you have true full melt is to melt it on a quartz nail of course. The most explicit indicator of a true six-star hash is whether or not there is a residue left on the nail after it is vaporized. Hash can also be visually inspected using a jewelers loupe or similar to determine a rating. While subjective, the only true way to determine what is six-star and what isn't is performing the melt test described previously. If it leaves any significant amount of char, it's likely a 5-star or below rated bubble hash.


How to Dab Full Melt Hash

Once your concentrate has passed the melt test and confirmed itself a six-star full melt, you can claim it. Top-tier hash will melt evenly, with little to no effort. This translates to a smoother dab, better flavor, and not to mention an easier cleanup from the lack of residue left on your nail.

When dabbing full melt, be sure to properly heat your quartz nail or e-nail. Too hot of a dab can result in burning your hash which not only impacts taste but can also burn your throat and lungs. If the temperature is too low, the hash won't properly melt and may not release the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the plant.

Most consumers tend to recommend lower temperature dabs to experience the full profile of the plant without the risk of burning the hash. Temperatures between 315°F and 425°F have been said to be ideal for melting water hash. It is important to note that dabbing full melt is not the same as dabbing rosin, which is often vaporized between 450°F and 580°F.

Dabbing is by far the most popular way to consume full melt hash. However, many weed smokers use it as a bowl topper or add it into a joint when smoking flower. When dabbing full melt hash, many people will scoop the hash onto parchment paper and press it in between their fingers to get a "hash flag." Doing so warms up and expands the oils into a larger surface area, so that the hash melts more evenly on the nail.


hand Pressing full melt bubble hash between parchment paper

Pictured: bubble hash being pressed into a "hash flag" 

What to Consider When Producing Full Melt Hash

When it comes to ice water and dry sift hash, there is some discussion amongst hash producers as to what the best method is. In recent years, the majority of connoisseurs have gotten on board with using freshly frozen cannabis as their starting material to produce full melt hash. Now, there is discussion that dried, cured cannabis may be better, but by using fresh frozen, a producer is able to capture and maintain a material temperature of below freezing throughout the process when done properly. This helps ensure better preservation of the mono and sesquiterpenes present in live cannabis plants, and helps produce that true “live” aroma and flavor profile that is unique to true fresh frozen derived hashes.

Above all, the starting material you use—no matter if it's dried cured or fresh frozen—has to be sourced or grown properly. It is important that the cannabis be free of bugs, mold, or any contaminant at all, as it will be carried through to your finished product.

Equipment used is immensely important as well. From filtration bags to freeze dryers, each component of the process helps ensure that the plant's profile is not compromised at any point from soil to oil. Properly cleaning and servicing your equipment regularly is extremely critical for product consistency and lab cleanliness. It can also have a major impact on how long your extraction equipment will hold up.

Make Your Own Full Melt Hash

A great deal of expertise goes into making full melt hash. That said, it is something that is mastered over time. With the proper extraction and production processes in place, solventless hash producers could find themselves in a wealthy revenue stream.

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