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Most orders ship free in the USA!
Most orders ship free in the USA!

Open Ice Water Hash Washing Liners

$ 225.00

Increase the efficiency of your ice water hash washing process with PurePressure custom made 220μm open wash liners! Stitched and sewn in Colorado, they are the perfect solution to maximize your Bruteless washing system’s efficiency and wash volume, and the 44 gallon version also fits any modified 32 gallon Brute® trash can as well. They're made with premium FDA complaint materials intended for food contact to ensure your bubble hash retains quality.

  • Made in Denver, Colorado with premium FDA compliant nylon mesh and polypropylene canvas for ultimate durability
  • PurePressure's wash liners are designed to custom fit each Bruteless vessel size, maximizing capacity capability
  • Each wash liner features strong polyester diamond braid draw cord with polypropylene and stainless steel cord locks to tightly fit around your vessel, ensuring a no-slip grip
  • All three wash liner sizes also feature ultra durable polypropylene lift straps, which are rated up to a 200 lb. max load capacity for hoisting ice and wet flower safely and easily
  • Read our food grade declaration of compliance here

Capacity (Per Load) & Available Sizes  

30 Gallon: wash up to 5,000 fresh frozen grams 
44 Gallon: wash up to 10,000 fresh frozen grams (fits 32g Brute trash cans as well!)
65 Gallon: wash up to 15,000 fresh frozen grams

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