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Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!
Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!

Rosin Bag Filters & Mesh

For Bubble Hash, Kief, or Sift Rosin

  • 5 Micronexceptionally fine supplementary nylon mesh for mechanical separations and mechanical fractioning
  • 25 Micron: ultra fine stainless steel and nylon mesh for hash and sift presses
  • 36 Micron: very fine filtration for terrific rosin, #1 seller
  • 72 Micron: medium filtration with the potential for yield increases

For Flower Rosin

  • 90 Micron: more filtration, offers higher quality at the expense of some yield
  • 115 Micron: great yield, overall top choice for flower rosin pressing
  • 160 Micron: best yield, minimal filtration

PurePressure wrote the book on professional-grade rosin press filtration. Our food-grade rosin filter bags are available in all micron sizes and are perfect for rosin extraction, solventless mechanical fractioning, and more. The nylon monofilament mesh allows for mild stretching, ensuring that the bag maintains its structural integrity and doesn’t blow out in the middle of your extraction. These bags are built in the USA and are designed for maximum yields.

We also offer premium mesh rosin screens, each made from 100% stainless-steel mesh. These screens make it easier than ever to achieve 5- and 6-star hash, but they’re just as good for terpene and THCA separations. If you use these screens for mechanical fractioning, be sure also to stock up on 5-micron nylon sheets to get the most from your extraction.

Whether you’re working on a flower, dry sift, or full-melt bubble hash extraction, we have the premium-grade filters you’re looking for. Order today.

  • PurePressure Rosin Bag Quick Flip
    Rosin Filter Bag Quick Flip Tool PurePressure Rosin Press

    The Quick Flip

    $ 20.00

    The Quick Flip helps you quickly and easily turn your PurePressure rosin filter bags inside out to increase seam strength. This simple little tool...

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    $ 20.00