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Most orders ship free in the USA!
Most orders ship free in the USA!

Rosin Bag Filters & Mesh

For Bubble Hash, Kief, or Sift Rosin

  • 5 Micronexceptionally fine supplementary nylon mesh for mechanical separations and mechanical fractioning
  • 25 Micron: ultra fine stainless steel and nylon mesh for hash and sift presses
  • 36 Micron: very fine filtration for terrific rosin, #1 seller
  • 72 Micron: medium filtration with the potential for yield increases

For Flower Rosin

  • 90 Micron: more filtration, offers higher quality at the expense of some yield
  • 115 Micron: great yield, overall top choice for flower rosin pressing
  • 160 Micron: best yield, minimal filtration