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Non-equipment purchases ship FREE in the USA!
Non-equipment purchases ship FREE in the USA!

Universal Air Connection Kit

$ 55.00

This all-in-one air connection kit helps connect your Pikes Peak or Longs Peak rosin press to any air compressor without having to go to the hardware store or source the right pieces yourself. Works with any air compressor that offers a 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT or 1/2" NPT port (virtually all standard air compressors have one of these output ports).

This kit includes the following premium parts:

  • (x1) 25' polyurethane 1/4" coiled air hose rated at 150 psi
  • (x1) 1/4" industrial quick connect plug fittings (1/4" female NPT)
  • (x2) 1/4" industrial quick connect socket fitting (1/4" female NPT)
  • (x1) 1/4" male NPT hex nipple
  • (x1) 1/4" female NPT X 3/8" male NPT adapter bushing
  • (x1) 1/4" female NPT X 1/2" male NPT adapter bushing
  • PTFE tape to seal threaded fittings and prevent leaks

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