Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press Pre-Order

$ 3,100.00

PurePressure's Artisan Series rosin presses are here - meet the Helix.

  • Expected January 2019.

  • Every pre-order comes with a free matching accessory kit and entry into our contest, where one lucky contestant will win a second press for free for a friend!

The Helix is the newest and best way to make concentrates with ease at home or anywhere. Perfect for any home grower or amateur rosin presser who is looking for a professional-grade unit.

Have questions? Call us at 720-446-9565 or send an email to sales@gopurepressure.com

Note: final product images will be available later this year as we iron out a few small improvements.

Top Features

  • User-friendly and easy to twist press operation, no air compressor required
  • Ultra accurate force measuring load cell that displays bag pressure in real time - a market first for manual rosin presses
  • Super responsive pressure control that allows for as little as 10 lb force increments
  • Press up to 6 grams of flower or 10 grams of kief or hash at a time with ease
  • Features our Pressware™ technology, which offers a full color LCD touch screen with custom software for even more control
  • Save up to 29 pre-set recipes so once you dial in your settings you can repeat your results 
  • Up to 3 tons of force (6,000 lbf) output from our 100% custom engineered lead screw twist press technology
  • Even heat distribution from 0°F - 300°F from our in-house machined aluminum plates, each with its own thermocouple
  • Temperature accuracy to less than 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • Ultra-durable powder coated construction
  • Patent pending


Contest Details Available Here

More details coming soon! Don't miss out on this exclusive early unit pre-sale.

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