PurePressure Announces World's First Automated Rosin Press

Automated Pressure Control for Rosin Pressing Brings Better Scaleability to Solventless Extraction

At PurePressure, our team continually strives to find ways to bring you the best technology to produce the high-quality rosin for your business or home pressing. That's why we are excited to share our latest addition to our rosin press technology offerings: an Automated Pressure Control System for the Longs Peak and Pike Peak rosin presses. This system ensures that you never blow out another bag again with multiple features, including:

  • Ultra-precise digital pressure control to increase in pressure by as little as 1 PSI at a time, or you can just set your own pressure value
  • Pre-set recipes that run your material for you, just pick a bag size and material
  • Warm up function, that allows you to warm up your ice water hash or sift with zero pressure before actually starting your cycle
  • Most importantly, the system will simply run your recipes so one operator can run two rosin presses or do other tasks while it presses your rosin

Our most recent upgrade almost fully automates the rosin pressing process - making it miles ahead of any other rosin press machines on the market today. With no one else on the market near of our technology, our almost entirely automated press gives you next level controls you won't find elsewhere - including the ability to adjust your rosin press machine’s pressure to a scientific-level accuracy.

Not only does the Automated Pressure Control System masterfully automate your rosin pressing process. We’re excited to say it will essentially teach you how to create rosin as well. Newcomers can drastically lessen their learning curve with our pre-set recipes. Users can select from a series of options. They include choosing your material, be it flower, kief or hash, in addition to bag size. For the Pikes Peak, bag size options will come in 2x3, 2x6, 2x9, while the Longs Peak gives you choices for 2x3, 2x6, 2x9, and 2.5x9. All you have to do is choose the setting and watch as your rosin press expertly crafts your concentrates from the selected recipe.  

Overall, we understand how vital scalability is for most of our customers. We hear you loud and clear. We’re ready to tackle the issue head-on with our latest upgrade. PurePressure’s Ben Britton, lead engineer and cofounder, explained that with the new Automated Pressure Control system, you have more power at your finger tips to never blow out another bag again 

For a relatively inexpensive capital investment, you can scale the quality of your operation while freeing yourself or your employees to perform other tasks during pressing. Overall, a PurePressure rosin press is a cost-efficient solution for producing solventless, high-quality concentrates for home or commercial use. In past articles, we’ve detailed that a combination of less legal hurdles, a low startup cost and faster product distribution are just some of the ways running a rosin pressing operation makes dollars and sense. At only $2,000, our Automated Pressure Control System once again provides you with a cost-efficient option to upgrade your production and overall quality. Your operation’s output should be able to pay off the costs associated with your upgrade in short order. Consider asking our team of consultants if you’re having difficulty figuring out just how to do so. 

Upgrading to the Automated Pressure Control System replaces the need for our Dual Pressure toggle switch. Instead, your rosin press will now have a completely digitally controlled interface. As you can see from the images and videos above, the upgraded interface allows you to easily press any material, including 6 star ice water hash, and dramatically increases your rosin press's efficiency. The Automated Pressure Control System is a standalone upgrade to any existing Long Peak or Pikes Peak V2 rosin press machines. The upgrade applies to presses with our latest touch screen technology. However, those with the V1 keypad presses can also upgrade to the new control system with a dual upgrade so you have the LCD necessary to plug into the upgrade.

So, step into the next generation of rosin pressing with a simplified yet scientific approach. Free up time while producing the yields you desire with the specificity no other brand on the market can provide. Contact the PurePressure team today to learn more about the Automated Pressure Control System and how it will enhance your rosin pressing experience like no other device can.