Advanced Trichome Extraction & Rosin: The Original Resinator

Trichome extraction offers a world of possibilities when it comes to your preferred method. One of the most efficient techniques is to use a trichome extraction machine. Proponents of the process cite benefits like:

  • The ability to sift profit right out of their trim without sending it anywhere
  • It takes the hassle out of trichome extraction
  • Sifted kief can be pressed into rosin with ease

When using a trichome extraction machine, you can choose from three processes. The first involves ice water. This requires using fresh frozen or dried flower and clippings that are washed in cold temperatures with ice. Doing so results in highly potent resin glands for concentrates. Water extraction is great for making bubble hash and gets more from your flower instead of letting it go to waste like other methods tend to do. Be prepared for a process that will take a little under an hour to go through and then between 24 hours and 7 days to dry your hash, depending on if you use a freeze dryer or air dry your material.  

You can also use subcritical CO2 to extract trichomes. This method is quickly becoming one of the most popular, and affordable, trichome extraction processes. Subcritical CO2 conducts its extraction at extremely low temperatures which avoids damaging most of its compounds. Unlike other popular solvents like butane, subcritical CO2 extraction isn't toxic, which eases the minds of the health- and environmentally conscious.

Lastly, dry ice extraction uses solid CO2 as a cooling agent to achieve its results. Its proponents enjoy its lower temperatures (compared to ice water) and the absence of any residue at the end. This method takes an extra degree of attention as dry ice can be harmful in untrained hands. Use additional precautions when attempting this technique, and use as little as dry ice as you can get away with. Pro tip: use pellet form dry ice as small as you can get, as opposed to throwing a big chunk into your tumbler!

Dry ice is a very popular sifting method for many. However, it does a number on your product, including the introduction of flower into your kief. This can result in a lower quality material for rosin pressing.

At PurePressure, we offer a few great trichome extraction machines for any grow or processing operation to choose from. The overhead is inexpensive and the process is rather easy. You'll especially want to check out The Original Resinator and The Original Resinator XL models. Each uses liquid or gas to assist in extraction methods like:

  • Live resin
  • H2O/Bubble while you tumble
  • CO2 Flash-freezing
  • Dry-Ice frozen resination
  • Bladeless trimming

Both pair perfectly with a Longs Peak or Pike Peak rosin press for any operation. The pairing will result in an efficient full-stack sifting and trimming process.

Let’s get to know each a little better.

The Original Resinator OG

Rosin Press Trichome Extraction Kief Tumbler / Sifter The Original Resinator

Original Resinators are a multi-purpose trichome extraction machine that focuses on CO2 flash-freezing extraction. Fans love its multi-use functionality and benefits, like the ability to keep trimming an in-house process. In fact, the Original Resinator can reduce trim time by up to85%.

The Original Resinator can also process bubble hash, fresh frozen materials like live rosin and perform bladeless trimming. It also maintains edible extraction standards by using only food grade materials.

This is the machine to use if your operation has limited space or wants to produce smaller batches. It works with runs up to three pounds, or 1,359 grams of plant material per load. Once you complete a run, consider moving onto your rosin press. Pairing the OG with a PurePressure rosin press is a match made in processor heaven. Together, they are the only two machines many small operations need to perform trichome extraction and press rosin at an affordable rate.

The Original Resinator comes fully stocked (except for a CO2 tank) with everything you need to begin extracting. It includes a three-piece (200, 100, and 75 micron) drum sifting screen set, and a three-piece (200, 100, and 75 micron) resin collection bags for hashing washing as well. It can use six alternate screens that produce different results. Be sure to choose the one that meets your desired yield.

The machine is easy to understand and offers you a range of liquid and gas extraction methods to implement into your process. Or, feel free to stick to your tried and true methods. Whichever the case, you'll be sure to have a minimal learning curve with this machine. It’s also easy to clean so you can load and reload multiple runs in short order.

The Original Resinator XL

The Original Resinator Co2 Subcritical Trichome Extraction For Rosin Press

It’s a large claim to dub yourself the future of botanical extraction. However, the Original Resinator XL may just live up to the moniker.

When your grow is large-scale, you’ll need an extra large machine to do the job. That’s when the Original Resinator XL comes into play. The XL has the capabilities to process up to 14.5 pounds (6500 grams) of material during each extraction run, and seven pounds for trimming. It nets you 20% in under an hour while cutting trim time just as the OG model does. The XL is ideal for catching the female resin glands you desire while excluding the males. Its sifting allows for only the trichomes to pass through the screens.

Both models are loved by fans. They enjoy the easy to use, all-in-one capabilities of TOR’s products. They each serve grows of varying sizes while making the process easy at all levels.

An Ideal Match in Extraction

Grow operations and individuals alike can benefit from a trichome extraction machine. It minimizes work, keeps clean up at a minimum, and most of all, produces the yields you want for:

  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • Oils
  • Salves
  • Topicals
  • Edibles

Trichome extraction easy and affordable with excellent machinery in your arsenal. Combining a TOR product with a Longs Peak or Pike Peak rosin press will maximize your yield while reducing the potential for messes and headaches.

If you’re looking to automate your process a bit and save time, as well as money, then it’s time to make the purchase. Make the investment today. You and your yields will be over the moon in no time. Best of all, you’ll never need another machine to complete your process ever again.

Header image provided courtesy of The Original Resinator team.