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Your One Stop Rosin Press & Solventless Processing Shop

No matter what you're looking for, PurePressure has premium solventless processing products and rosin presses to support any operation, big or small. Our manual and pneumatic presses have legendary reputations for reliability, precision, and control. Make sure to check out the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak models, which are the top choice of professional solventless extractors across the world. The Helix and Helix Pro are perfect for any at home grower or rosin pressing enthusiast who is looking for an elite rosin press machine in a smaller form factor.

We also offer our own line of USA-made rosin filter bags, parchment paper, pre-press molds, and every type of processing accessory you could ever need. Looking to make bubble or ice water hash? We're one Harvest Right's premier distributors for freeze dryers and also sell every kind of bubble hash making or trichome sifting equipment you could ever need. We've always got you covered with our legendary customer service!

Did you know PurePressure also offers turnkey solventless extraction laboratory consulting? From entire lab build outs to specialized modern extraction techniques, we offer it all. Make sure to contact us to see how we can help improve the profitability of your solventless lab!

Customer service is our first priority before and after a sale, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about our products or material processing techniques. We're proud of our 99% 5-star review rate, so make sure to see what other customers are saying about our equipment.

What Is a Rosin Press?

A rosin press is a machine that uses two heated plates and downward force, combined with filter material, to create the concentrate known as rosin. It works by taking flower, sift or kief, or bubble hash, which is then put in a filter bag or wrapped in filter mesh, and then pressed between the two plates. This opens up the trichome heads within the material, which expel their resin on to a sheet of parchment paper or PTFE. Rosin presses do not use any flammable solvents or chemicals whatsoever, which is why rosin is known as being ‚Äúsolventless‚ÄĚ. The very best infused products and concentrates are typically made in this way. PurePressure is proud to manufacture the very best rosin presses in the world, which are all made at our factory in Denver, Colorado. Many of the very best hash makers in the world use our rosin presses, so we're confident you'll be happy with one of them, too. If you need a rosin press or have questions about one, make sure¬†to contact us¬†today!