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Non-equipment orders ship FREE to the lower 48 states!
Non-equipment orders ship FREE to the lower 48 states!

Original 5 Gallon 8 Bag Kit by BubbleBags

$ 385.00

The Original Bubble Bags are professional quality, heavy duty bags for extracting bubble hash (also known as ice water hash). The 5 gallon 8 bag kit is perfect for any small hash washing operation or at home user who wants to get as many micron choices as possible. Each bag features nylon sidewalls that are the heaviest, most durable fabric available in an extraction bag, with 800 thread count nylon. 

  • Easily customizable to your set up so you can get the best results possible with your ice water filtration
  • Extremely durable 800 thread count nylon
  • Works perfectly with our Bruteless™ bubble hash washing vessels
  • Rated for 100s of uses and offer a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Price includes shipping, and will be drop shipped from Canada unless you pick up locally at the PurePressure factory

What's Included:

  • 5 gallon 25 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 45 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 73 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 90 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 120 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 160 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 190 micron bag
  • 5 gallon 220 micron bag
  • 3 Blotting Screens
  • 1 Storage Pouch for your Original Bubble Bags

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