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All bag and accessory orders ship FREE to the lower 48!
All bag and accessory orders ship FREE to the lower 48!

Pikes Peak V2 Complete Accessory Kit

$ 799.99

Designed for the commercial processor, this kit includes everything you need to pack, press, and collect large volumes of any material. The bags included can process over 4.4 lb of flower processing or 8.8 lb of hash or dry sift! Designed to go perfectly with any large plate high output rosin press and our Pikes Peak rosin press. This kit provides you with enough bags to experiment with any material, including flower, bubble hash, sift, and more to figure out exactly where you will find your best results. 

Save $40 when you buy the bundle!

Kit Includes:

  • 50x pack of 2" x 9" rosin filter bags in all 4 micron types, 200 bags total (36μm, 72μm, 90μm, and 115μm) - $460 value
  • 1x 2" x 9" 100% Aluminum, magnetized pre-press mold - $179.99 value
  • 250x pack of our pre-cut 35 lb 100% USA-made parchment paper - $74.99 xvalue
  • 1x Large PurePressure silicone extraction work mat (36" x 24") - $40.00 value
  • 1x PurePressure specialized rosin collection tool - $49.99 value
  • 1x PurePressure plastic fill funnel - $16.00 value
  • 1x Quick Flip tool - $20 value 

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