Bruteless™ Check Valve Tri Clamp Fitting

$ 150.00

Save time and improve the efficiency of your fill process by adding a stainless steel check valve to your Bruteless™ hash washer system! Designed to be used with any Bruteless™ hash washer, these tri clamp check valve fittings can dramatically increase your water filling efficiency. They completely eliminate the need to disconnect your fill hoses and fill port, enabling you to fill your Bruteless™ with ease. 

  • 1.5" One-way valve that easily clamps on to your fill port and self seals for super fast, no fuss water filling
  • 100% food grade, 3A certified stainless steel sanitary components 
  • Easily used with any water pump system and eliminates water back flow
Connection Type(s) Tri Clamp
Connection Size(s) 1.5 in.
Item Length 4.5 in.
Item Width 4 in.
Item Height 4 in.
Certification 3A
Warranty 1 Year

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