The Definitive Guide to Rosin Vape Cartridges

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How to Consume Rosin Vape Cartridge Oil
What to Consider When Producing Rosin Vape Cartridge Oil

Vaping is all the rage - sound like a cliche? Well, turns out, it's true based on data coming from MJBiz, Headset, ArcView, and more. Consumers list its high potency and discretion as two of many reasons why they choose vapes. Going off sales data, it appears that the public isn’t slowing down on their fondness for them either. 

Vaping extends beyond THC. CBD-specific carts are quite common. As are cartridges containing a ratio of THC and CBD. One of the more common combos is a 1:1 THC to CBD pen that gives consumers the high of THC while applying the offsetting effects of CBD. For rosin cartridges however, they are all typically THC-dominant due to the strains being produced and extracted from with solventless methods.

For the most part however, cartridges have been produced with solvents. Even as solventless options began to rise, many products were made with substandard source material and practices. Rosin vape cartridge oil has represented a change in that path. The solventless, potent products are excellent for those seeking a strong concentrate that provides a natural taste and aroma to the experience. 

Let’s take a look at rosin vape cartridge oil, the option that is helping cut into the market’s inferior products.

Rosin Vape Cartridge Rosin Cartridge PurePressure Solventless Cart

Tropicana Cookies 100% Rosin Vape Cartridge

How to Consume Rosin Vape Cartridge Oil

Consuming rosin oil is nothing new. A slew of products have hit sales shelves in recent years. Many came about as a way of taking dabbing on the go. But with vape cartridges, rosin consumption is that much more accessible to the lay consumer, or anyone looking for a simple solventless rosin option.

If a person wants, they can make their own rosin cartridges by transferring extracted cannabis oil into cartridges, often using a specific syringe for filling without any mess. This is a lot less simple than it sounds to do it at home, and many can't get the consistency quite right to work with common 510 threaded cartridges.

Flower rosin typically will not work without a cutting agent, which can defeat the whole point in some people's eyes. Most processing labs and operations use ice water hash or bubble hash, but high quality sift is also sometimes used as well. 

An easier option would be to search for brands using rosin as its oil of choice. As of this writing, a handful of companies have begun offering them across the United States, but they are still fairly rare compared to solvent-based cartridge options. At this time, the price point can be a slight bit higher than other products. However, the benefits of a more trusted, natural product are on display and should be considered by anyone looking to purchase vape cartridges. 

Like dabbing, vaping should be conducted at lower temperatures and voltages. Some may disagree with this approach, but with health risks still uncertain, many in the space, including PurePressure, recommends a lower voltage setting to provide consumers with an extra layer of precaution. 

Most pens have settings that ensure consumers don’t over or underheat their oil, rosin or otherwise. However, some less than reputable products are on the market, so be on the lookout. With manual pens, people should take extra caution when choosing their settings.

Our team has tested voltage-adjustable batteries and found that a 2.6v setting delivers the best consumption experience when combined with high-quality rosin vape cartridge oil. That being said, many premier hash makers believe there is no perfect cartridge for rosin yet, and that the technology there is the main hangup. 

CAMP Rosin Cartridge Nevada Rosin Solventless Cartridge

A 100% solventless rosin cartridge from CAMP, NV

What to Consider When Producing Rosin Vape Cartridge Oil

We always preach “quality in, quality out.” 6-star sourced bubble hash is always going to produce better rosin for vape cartridges or otherwise than a starting material like shake would create. Excellent dry sift that has been cleaned up perfectly is also a great starting point, but is less common currently for rosin cartridges than bubble hash. This sort of higher standard production can be found in concentrates made by the likes of Blue River Terps. They source their material from top flower, using only premium material to produce their concentrates.

Blue River Terps Rosin Cartridge Solventless Cart

Blue River Terps' "Jelly Sauce" 100% rosin cartridge

The process involves pressing premium ice water hash or dry sift to first extract the terpenes, and then again to isolate the THCA, which is then recombined to achieve the correct viscosity. The process takes time, skill, and above all else, very high quality starting material. A rushed process will lead to dark, undesirable rosin cartridges, or the wrong consistency. After giving the rosin adequate time and heat, the concentrate should be ready for you to pull the oil and place it in the cartridge for consumption. Viscosity is the most difficult part of creating a rosin cartridge to nail down, and most processing operations spend a long time dialing it in just right. 

With vaping gaining an increasing share of the market dominance, consumers and producers alike should consider a rosin vape cartridge oil as an option. Consumers receive a premium product that comes with much of the plant’s original profile without the solvents that other concentrates have in its process. With consumers focused on quality, natural products, producers would be wise to hop on board this train, as it is likely to be lucrative now and going forward.