Why Pressing Rosin Makes Sense for Every Processing Facility

Every processing facility can reap the benefits of a rosin press machine. The benefits range vastly and make sense to most companies’ bottom lines, customers and everything in between.

Above all else, rosin extraction is an extremely safe process. Unlike flammable solvent-based extraction, rosin press machines run no risk of explosion. Say goodbye to combustible elements and hello to reliable, high quality solvent-less products.

Speaking of combustible components, rosin has none of them. Instead of or often in addition to, your processing facility can produce a range of 100% solvent-free products that cater to a growing audience. From premium consumers to folks searching for a healthier high, everyone seems in the market for rosin and solvent-free options.

In addition to what many view as a healthier choice, rosin press machines produce products that are just as potent as any other concentrate on the market. With the ability to reach over 90% potency, solvent-free is just as effective as others on the market. That, combined with a rapidly growing concentrate market overall as markets mature, makes for a very attractive business prospect. Take Oregon for example:

Oregon Concentrate Sales Growth Rosin Press Opportunity

One built-in advantage of a rosin press is that it virtually demands high-quality flower, dry sift, or bubble hash. With pressing rosin, quality is the name of the game and the price-per-gram is commensurately higher than similar solvent-based concentrates. For processing facilities and companies, this lets their consumers know automatically that their product is almost assuredly going to be top-shelf, every time.

Not to mention, with PurePressure rosin presses, most customers break even and become profitable within a week or less.

Beyond these points are an array of other reasons why your processing facility should press rosin. Let’s take a look.  

A Rosin Press Produces Diverse Products

The product line you created from rosin is just about as endless as the cannabis industry itself. Simply put, it is one of the most versatile products on the market today. With rosin, processing facilities can make just about any of the favorite products on the market, solvent-free. Imagine having the ability to make all sorts of consistencies from rosin with relative ease. If you wanted, your business could offer a solvent-free product line consisting of budder, crumble, shatter and much more. In addition to making its own products, rosin can serve as an enhancement to other favorites like edibles and topicals.

Making rosin even more lucrative is its ability to be made from just about any material. From bubble hash to sift to traditional flower, any of these materials can become the starting point for an excellent rosin yield. With this flexibility comes the chance for additional profits that we’ll touch more on down below.

In all, having a rosin press machine on-site makes sense for customers and your profits.

Minimal Training Required

The learning curve to a rosin press is significantly smaller than other production processes in the space. Instead of long training sessions, rosin pressers can learn the ropes without any specialized training. While pressing does require a certain level of know-how, most are up and producing solid first yields with just a few hours under their belt.

Jake D. is an actual Pikes Peak V2 customer. He shared with us his experience learning the ropes of a PurePressure rosin press machine. "Within minutes I had the operating panel mastered and was able to begin experimenting with the different temperatures and pressures that the press has to offer.

Even if you or your company is going into rosin for the first time, your experience should mirror Jake’s in little to no time. That’s because with both the Pikes and Longs Peak rosin presses offer complete control over pressure and temperature. This level of control ensures the highest quality product for every pressing. On top of this, the software allows you to save your favorite recipes so you can replicate results. No other press gives the user as much control and replicability.

The convenience of saving recipes helps reduce training needed on the press. However, its top benefit could come when training new hires. By having your recipes already in order, no initial pressings should be a waste of product.  

Efficiency and Safety

A solvent-free production isn't just beneficial to your health via consumption. For producers, a rosin press' safety measures dwarf that of solvent-based extraction. The overall first selling point to touch on is the significantly reduced risk of explosions. With rosin press machines, the risk for fires or worse is zero.

Pikes Peak V2 customer Jake D loves the safety of his machine. Unlike other methods, this one ensures that safety is a prime concern. “The two-push buttons for beginning the operation of the press make it almost impossible to get any of your fingers or body parts in general caught in between the plates. This is definitely the best press I have personally ever used!"

Add Money to Your Bottom Line with Minimal Overhead

The fact is that rosin extraction is a more straightforward process with significantly lower overhead to enter production. At most, a premium rosin extraction set up should run $10,000 and often less, with the potential to join at just a few thousand dollars as well. On the other hand, entering solvent-based, closed-loop systems can run you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the stumbling blocks for processing companies wanting to enter the space was the scalability. For the longest time, producers would relegate solvent-free to boutique and niche markets since it could not be produced large-scale. Instead, companies would opt for a solvent extraction system which often left the final product stripped of its terpenes and potentially unhealthy.

Today, PurePressure is proud to stand at the forefront of that solution. Our rosin extraction technology offers commercial-scale rosin pressing that's on the level with small to medium sized closed-loop extractions. With similar yields at 1/10th the cost, adding solvent-free extraction becomes much more appealing.

The Future is Rosin

Rosin Market Data Growing Concentrates Solvent-less Opportunity
Source: 2017 MJBiz Factbook

The entire cannabis industry represents a growth industry at the moment. However, rosin ranks either near or at the top in several major categories. According to MJBizCon's 2017 Factbook (below), rosin had the third-highest market share of “Other” recreational concentrates in Colorado and Washington for 2016. With a 2.5% share, rosin ranked just behind syringe applicators at 4% and crumble at 2.7%. While this doesn’t sound like much, it represents a massively growing trend. As consumers become more educated as to what goes into their dabs and concentrates, the desire for premium solvent-less options will capture more and more of the connoisseur market.

Rosin Press Growth for Concentrate Sales Colorado Washington
Source: 2017 MJBiz Factbook

The Factbook also lists rosin as the fastest growing subcategory in both states for 2016. With a growth of 3062% (below), rosin trounced the market with only distillates having anywhere close to the same growth. While this growth could be seen as a fluke or an old product receiving new buzz, it is much harder to disregard the health-conscious movement. While some products are sure to taper off in popularity, rosin stands out as a healthier choice with the same effectiveness. That is a combination that equals lasting market value.

Overall, the future of rosin appears as bright as the yields it produces. As the market and technology advances so will rosin press extraction. PurePressure’s Marketing Director Eric Vlosky is excited for what's ahead. "The future of rosin products, in the coming years, will continue to diversify into a huge variety of different offerings, most likely with ultra-premium 100% solvent-less vaporizer cartridges and refined full melt hash-derived dabs in extremely terpene-rich textures." Vlosky went on to add that some of the latest developments already exist. In just their earliest stages, these cartridges and high-terpene special concentrates like rosin sauce (below) should become much more well-known and desired by the market soon.

Rosin Press Made Rosin sauce premium product
Source: Rosin Ryan

So, About That Rosin Press Machine…

Ready to take the plunge into solvent-free, easy to produce, high-yielding, low overhead, rosin pressing?

With market buzz reaching a fever pitch in legalized states, expect rosin’s reputation to grow in the coming years. With extraction technology rivaling and surpassing solvent-based methods, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify not making the switch. Outside of a limited budget, the investment in rosin pressing is more than likely to become a lucrative endeavor.

Now that commercial-grade presses have caught up to many solvent-based yields, the return on investment is sure to arrive much sooner than a closed-loop system would. Introducing the process to an existing team is a breeze. Training should take less than a workday for a team to know the ins and outs of rosin pressing.

Be sure to learn more about the rosin revolution in High Times.

If you are ready to begin rosin pressing at your processing facility, contact us today. We are here Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm MST. Looking forward to hearing from you!