How to Make CBD Rosin At Home

In a recent article, we delved into the state of CBD thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill and its impact on the entire supply chain. One of the most significant developments out of the law change was the increased opportunities CBD now has to reach consumers.
While edibles are still a no-no according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, CBD rosin oil is allowed for production, sale and marketing.

Home producers are also allowed to get in on the mix. CBD rosin processing at home is just as simple as traditional rosin pressing is. While some of the tips and tricks are different, the overall process is quite similar. Best of all, they’re both easy enough to learn with the proper products and equipment.

That said, let’s dive into how you can make your own CBD rosin at home.

Get the Right Equipment

Having the proper equipment makes all the difference. Just think how your yields would turn out if you used the old school DIY method. Or, if your press didn’t provide equal, adequate heat across both plates. Equipment like this turns a high-quality flower into suboptimal oil. Don’t let that happen to your CBD rosin.

Instead, get yourself something accurate; a machine that delivers accurate pressure and heat needed. Our Helix 3 ton and 5 ton Helix Pro manual presses offer just that while allowing you to control the entire process. The force measuring load cell displays bag pressure in real time - making it a first for the market. Producers can press up to 6 grams of flower or 10 grams of kief or hash at a time.    

If you need to produce significant sized yield, your CBD rosin pressing needs can be met by the Long's Peak and Pikes Peak Rosin Press machines. They'll provide you the same accurate, customized controls made for your rig without any other manual application required.

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Get the Right Flower

Just like any other rosin pressing, your yield will only be as good as the flower you put in. While these machines are pretty amazing, they can’t perform miracles. Low-quality flower, kief and hash will all produce low-quality yields.

To avoid that outcome, pick up a superb flower. And have no fear about the law. Unlike THC, CBD flower is allowed to be bought by anyone in any state in America.

So, search around to find the best flower you can find. We recommend CBD with a higher test percentage so that your extracts are that much more effective. For some stellar CBD flower, check out Tweedlefarms. They have multiple strains to choose from and a whole variety of profiles. Wherever you get your material from, make sure it’s from a reliable source. Some parts of the world, like China and Europe, have had issues with contaminants, and many commercially available CBD products are derived from very low quality overseas hemp.

Properly Humidify Your Flower

An adequately hydrated flower will make a world of difference when pressing. Simply put, dry cannabis won't cut it. To avoid such an outcome, make sure your flower is humidified if it’s needed. Humidity packs and cigar humidors are excellent for reintroducing moisture to your flower. Be sure that your cannabis is at least 55% to 62% humid before pressing.

To learn more flower rosin tips and tricks, check out the video below as well as the other helpful videos over at our YouTube channel.

Press the Flower

Equal and adequate pressure is key. With a PurePressure rosin press, your CBD rosin will be fine as long as you use the proper temperature. To produce the best oil yields, we recommend  pressing your flower between 200°F and 220°F.

That said, keep in mind that there is a range of temperatures that will produce quality CBD concentrates. Give pressing a shot at anywhere between 160°F and 250°F. Lower temperatures will create a budder or batter consistency. Meanwhile, higher temperatures around 200°F to 250°F will yield the oil, or shatter, you desire.

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Dab or Vaporize Your CBD Extracts

Just like THC, CBD rosin provides producers with an array of uses. CBD dabs are one way to go. They offer an easier-on-the-lungs experience than most consumption methods while its onset time is near instant. CBD provides consumers with a unique experience that is slightly different from the typical dab.

The demand for solventless products is not limited to THC. Your extracted CBD rosin can also be used in a vape cartridge. People want contaminant-free products and CBD rosin processing provides just that.

CBD rosin pressing is sure to rise as the demand for CBD does. Both home producers and companies can and should get in on the action. Our Helix models are ideal for producing home-sized yields for CBD dabs or vaping. Additionally, production companies can discover a new revenue stream through CBD rosing processing with uses like vaping, dabbing and numerous other infusion methods.

The PurePressure team is ready to help anyone get their rosin press endeavor started. Get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to get you going in the right direction.