The Hash Lords of Instagram

With the world of rosin blowing up, we felt it was high time to shout out some of the best names in this growing space. While this list is not exhaustive, this is a good place to start to learn about who runs the Pantheon in the hash game. Here are some of the lords of hash and why you should be following them if you want to create top-notch hash of your own.

Editor's Note: there are a lot more artisans and hash makers in the space who didn't make the list. We plan to do multiple iterations of this article to cover up and coming hash makers, too. If we left you or your favorite hash artist, let us know so we can get them in the next article!


Bubbleman Ice Water Hash Bubble Hash Rosin Ganja Talks


You've probably heard the name Marcus Bubbleman on our site in past articles. If you're in the know about hash, it's almost certain you've heard of Bubbleman. He runs Hash Church, the Bubblebag brand, and is involved in some absolutely incredible projects in Canada. The Canadian cannabis legend is revered for his marks on the industry, including ushering bubble hash and ice water extraction to the mainstream of the industry. Today, the activist, entrepreneur and photographer of 20 years is a Professor for Ganja Talks where Bubbleman teaches the ins and outs of solventless extraction.

Nikka T Essential Extracts California Rosin Hash Maker

Nikka T

Nikka T is a legendary hash maker, cannabis consultant, public speaker, professor, activist, DJ and much more. Nick is widely credited as starting the first legal hash brand since prohibition, which is obviously a massive accomplishment that deserves acknowledgement from the community. Additionally, he was responsible for the famous solventless company Essential Extracts, which recently moved to California and operates as Essential Extracts California. Nikka T has consulted and processed some of the finest concentrates in the business since 2010. We love his work and know you will too if you haven’t seen in him action just yet. For a look at how Nikka T operates, check out our video where he taught viewers how to make award-winning hash.


Ice Water Hash Matt Rize

Matt Rize: renown for his growing skills, incredible hash, and spicy memes, among other things.

Matt Rize

Matt Rize products are the kind that let consumers know they're getting quality - especially his full melts and legendary CBD caps. The founder of the microplaning hash method earned his spot at the top of the game. Throughout the years, Rize has kept his finger on the pulse of the industry by contributing numerous tips, guides, photos and comments to online forums and through his social media accounts. We are especially fond of his Instagram which strikes a perfect balance between fun and informed. Matt is not afraid to tell it like it is and is clearly among the best of the very best when it comes to making hash. 


Frenchy Cannoli Bubble Hash Old World Extracts

Frenchy Cannoli

Any article talking about the lords of hash would be remiss if it didn't make mention of Frenchy Cannoli, an old-world taught hash maker with a global influence. Like Bubbleman, Frenchy spent time in his youth traveling to where hash has been made for eons to learn how the true original hashishins do their work. Frenchy actively teaches classes, known as "The Lost Art", around the world about how to make his style of hash, which has an emphasis on curing and aging to reach a final product. Frenchy has been at it as long as anyone.


Soilgrown Solventless Hash Rosin Maker

Soilgrown Solventless

Largely credited as the creator of the modern rosin process after hijacking his significant other's hair straightener to squish a nug as a random idea, Soilgrown has been going strong in rosin since the beginning. Now, Soilgrown is famous for truly pushing the envelope what most people think is possible with rosin tech - everything from THCA separation, terpene separation, to solventless sauce, and much more, he's pretty much always at the cutting edge of what's coming next in rosin and hash. Keep your eyes peeled on Soilgrown for what's next in the industry.



Cuban Grower Hash Maker Award Winning High Times

The Cuban Grower

With multiple titles to his name, The Cuban Grower produces hash and rosin that gets the attention of the industry. His titles include 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Dope Cup, as well as second and third place titles at other High Times Cannabis Cups and Spannabis. Cuban is also famous for his genetics work, where he produces strains that are often specifically for ice water hash production, to everyone's delight. Long story short - Cuban makes incredible hash and incredible rosin; all of the awards tell you what you need to know!

They Went To Jareds Rosin Hash Rosin Solventless Diamonds


Now here is a diamond or two that is conflict-free. Jared's solventless diamonds are some of the best in the industry for their quality and size. The widely respected ice water hash and rosin producer's Instagram page is rife with examples of his creations, including some staggering high dose products. Be warned, watching his videos may give you a hardcore case of FOMO. It’s a sight to see. Jared is also working on a huge collaboration with The Diamond Baron, so keep an eye out for that too!


His Instagram is currently down as of 10/2/18 :(

Kennnwall is another industry heavyweight that we have been fortunate to have on our video series along the way. He is an award-winning legend that is regarded as one of the top respected names in hash production. Ken's creations can be found under Kennnwall Solventless as well as Nomad Extracts, as well as Small Batch Specialists and Made in Xiaolin - the makers of ultra premium cannagars. In addition to being a genius in his field, Ken's also a solid guy on top of it!


Honorable Mention

Rosin Ryan Hash Rosin Ryan Olio

Rosin Ryan

Apart of the hash enthusiasts at Olio, Rosin Ryan bills himself a novice grower. We, and many others in the industry, call him one of the most innovative hash makers. While Ryan doesn't bill himself as an expert ice water hash maker, we're sure that's coming soon. We love to work with Ryan and see what kind of rosin he creates along the way, especially all of the new textures he is constantly making, such as Rosin Jam

Didn’t find your favorite on the list? Drop us a line and let us know who you rank at the top of the game. With hash evolving and the industry growing, incredible talents are waiting to be discovered and shouted out like the talented folks above. We’d love to hear who you want to recognize next.