4 Reasons Why Solventless Lab Consulting Makes Dollars and Sense

Did you know that a high quality solventless lab stands to make you massive profits?

It’s a fact that’s steadily gaining traction in the marketplace as rosin tech catches up to solvent extraction. Long gone is the notion that rosin can’t produce profitable yields. Today, solventless labs can produce yields of small to mid range solvent extracted process. Check out the recent data gathered from yields produced by the Pikes Peak rosin press.

Pikes Peak Rosin Press ROI PurePressure

Pretty impressive, right? Now, take a look at the Longs Peak.

Rosin Press Longs Peak ROI PurePressure

The returns are often fast and sizable in today’s solventless extraction market. What was once an unreachable goal to match SHO yields is now in sight, and becoming more in-demand. With solventless’s profitability on a steady upward trajectory, driven by the market’s demand for healthier, more potent and terpene-rich options, it makes sense to get into business today.

Whether you are taking the initial steps or already have an extraction lab, getting a solventless lab started can add to your profitability. If you’re considering entering into solventless extraction, here are four reasons why you’d be making a good decision.

Less Legal Hurdles

Often, the regulatory headaches involved with solventless extraction are far less than solvent-based. Working with volatile chemicals like alcohol and ethanol require labs to meet strict Class 1 Division 1 codes. These codes ask for the construction of explosion-proof labs, right down to the lightbulbs.

Considering the additional materials needed to meet regulations, the construction of a solvent extraction lab is likely to become much more expensive than solventless. In addition to becoming expensive, solvent extract labs can become much more scrutinized under the law.

To ensure that they meet code, labs of all methods should consider turning to extraction lab consulting. With experts in regulations, you’ll have the assurance of working with a knowledgeable veteran in the space. Not only do they provide labs with a turn-key lab but can leave the lab with advice and best practices for staying up to code whenever regulations change.

Save on Startup Costs

The cost to build an extraction lab can run upwards of $250,000 for the planning and engineering of the facility alone. Add that on top of securing the lease, stocking with equipment, training and other random expenditures that may arise and your final budget could be anywhere from $400,000 to $800,000, or beyond depending on the equipment your purchase.

You can significantly cut down on your costs by going with a solventless extraction lab. With equipment topping out at about $50,000, your lab saves greatly at a time when you need to be most fiscally sound.

Going solventless leaves your startup capital more intact instead of eating into its funds through construction. To save time, many solventless labs opt for a turn-key lab solution to oversee the process. In doing so, they use some of the savings from less expensive equipment and avoid taking on this laborious task while there are other aspects of the business to handle.

Faster Product Distribution

Solventless labs get your products out to the market faster. Whether it is your focus or an extension of your CO2 or hydrocarbon lab, solventless allows you to have a product ready for sale faster than the other options. Your process will require some legwork and precision, but you're sure to see the final product much faster once you get to pressing.

From there, just watch as five to eight tons of force presses out a potent, golden concentrate in short order. Your yield is then just a few steps away from having it packaged and ready for sale.

You can also train new hires much quicker in solventless extraction. Learning the fundamentals of solventless lab extraction should take only a few hours. By the end of a new hires first week, they should be producing product at your regular rate.

Work with Solventless Experts

Extraction lab consulting provides you with the turn-key lab your operation needs. Instead of worrying and working on every detail of the lab yourself, pass the task on to proven leaders in the field.

Did you know that we’re proud to offer our expertise to your lab?

With PurePressure’s turn-key solventless lab consulting, your operation is ensured to be assembled just as you require. We'll provide you with tailored advice and develop precise strategies that meet the goals of your business. We offer both on-site consultations as well as conference calls to walk you through every step of the way.

We provide solutions for every aspect of your lab. Our Consultants are eager to assist with your lab design and equipment selection. Your lab will also come away with all the know-how to create stellar bubble hash (ice water extracts), extract rosin and know which genetics are the best for pressing.

Our industry connections are yours as well! We work with some of the top names in solventless labs and extraction art. We’re eager to connect with these incredible artists and labs to help your company produce award-winning products as well.

When all is said and done, you’ll be set up for solventless success when using PurePressure consulting. Get in touch today to have your solventless lab seeing gold on its wax paper and green in its bank in no time.