What Sets PurePressure’s Rosin Presses Apart

Rosin press technology was once impossible to use beyond personal DIY use. Relegated mainly to hair straighteners and unreliable technology, solvent extraction seemed to be the only way a company could produce adequate concentrates for the market. 

That, however, has changed in recent years. We are proud to say that our Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin press machines have been part of this revolutionary trend. Both of our rosin presses aimed to advance the industry with equipment consistency it had long-struggled to achieve. But it isn’t just machinery that makes the process consistent and efficient. It takes a team of developers and customer service professionals to support our customers every step of the way. 

Now, let’s discuss what makes PurePressure and our commercial rosin presses the choice for rosin and solventless processors of all production sizes. 

Next Level Rosin Press Consistency

Today’s rosin presses must provide its customers with consistent outcomes, which is achieved through product reliability and ease of use. As with any product, consistency is key, and without hyper-accurate parameter control in a rosin press, it's much more work to maintain that consistency consumers demand. At PurePressure, we wanted to give each of our customers the consistent results they deserved. As such, each Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak rosin presses feature intuitive Pressware™ technology. 

Our custom software and LCD touch screen allow producers to store and use their preferred settings. With the ability to save up to 29 pre-set recipes, we ensure our customers receive the identical results a product requires without any fuss. 

Both the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses represent the advancements rosin extraction has come through constant feedback, research, and development over the last 5 years. PurePressure’s rosin presses provide producers with even heat plate pressure via top truss mechanics. This bit of useful technology can be found on its top plate and its slide side-to-side maneuverability. This allows our rosin presses to apply even heat and pressure to uneven surfaces, whereas if your heat plate is on a fixed rod, there is even less room for error when centering your bag or material.  

We also wanted to make sure your extractions never had a cold spot. To do so, our 100% in-house made, 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum rosin press heat plates distribute even temperature across each pressing, with an accuracy under 1F difference. Complete with two heating rods and a thermocouple for absolute accuracy per plate (top and bottom), we aim to remove any worry of product consistency from your extraction process. 

Unparalleled Efficiency 

Time is money in any industry. It may be that much more accurate in the always moving cannabis industry. Some producers need to maximize their time, but they worry about losing product quality along the way. We set out to answer both concerns by removing any worry over your rosin press extractions. 

Both the Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak rosin press machines are available for fully automatic upgrades, making them the first of their kind for rosin presses. Our digital automated pressure controls come with the ability to input key information like material type and bag size to meet the exact specifications for your pressing. 

Efficiency extends beyond the rosin pressing itself. It includes prep work like heating of bags. Our technology strives to cut down on such prep work wait time. This includes our pre-heat setting, which allows producers to warm their bags of ice water hash or sift without applying any pressure. Just select the pre-heat button on your touch screen and you’re set. For anyone who has blown out a bag of high quality hash or sift, they know the struggle. With the pre-heat functionality, blowouts are a thing of the past.

Speaking of pressure, our Pressware system allows producers to store their pressure stages for use in repeatable recipes automatically. This feature gives producers complete scientific-level control of the pressing, all from their digital screen, which is unparalleled among competing rosin presses.

PurePressure Rosin Press Automated Rosin Press USA Made Rosin Press Machine

Excellent Safety and Durability

We make rosin press machines that are built to last a really, really long time. Here's a true story: the first production Pikes Peak (it was a V1) unit is still our main demo unit at our factory today. It's been shipped across the country countless times, upgraded to our Automated Pressure Control, and is still rock solid. Our technology strives to be the foundational element of any solventless rosin production, providing you with satisfaction every time. As such, we guarantee that our products are comprised of only superior components. 

These components include our commercial-grade pneumatic cylinders made here in the United States. Rated for millions of strokes, we ensure that the Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak rosin presses are engineered to press as long as you need them to. And in case something were to go awry, we include lifetime end-user support for each of our machines. 

We also provide a 2-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects concerning structural components, as well as a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects for the entire press. This includes all electronic and pneumatic components. There is also a full 5 year extended warranty available too for each rosin press, so that you can be sure you're set for half a decade without having to worry.

But product assurance is just one aspect. Each of our machines come with an array of safety features to ensure producer’s stay safe in the process. This includes a two-button safety start, which should keep hands far from pressing. We also include an emergency stop in case an immediate stop is required. 

Superior Customer Service and Support

We want our rosin press machines to help you produce five- and six-star concentrates. We also want to give our customers five- and six-star support.

We aim to achieve this goal through reliable, available support from actual solventless professionals. The last bit is incredibly important. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of the industry means some don’t always staff their team with experts. This has the potential of affecting the customers, and that’s something we couldn’t allow. 

That’s why every time you speak with someone on the PurePressure team, you’re talking to someone who’s extracted cannabis using solventless methods. They’re speaking about the Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak rosin presses with authority because they’ve had the hands-on experience needed to assist producers. You better believe our team is ready to answer any questions our customers have, whether it be billing, pressing, troubleshooting or anything else on your mind. 

Take our Customer Service Liaison Jessica as the perfect example. She’s ready to provide our customers with the support they need because she’s been in their shoes. As an award-winning hash producer with Proper Extracts, Jessica is excited to share her best-in-industry wisdom with those looking for answers. 

Let’s Talk Rosin Presses

Both the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses aim to provide producers with the ease and efficiency needed to craft solventless concentrates through superior technology made here in America. Our team is ready to discuss our equipment, products and how to use each of them. Get in touch with us today. Call, email or chat with us live on our website to talk with a real PurePressure rosin press expert.