The Next Evolution in Hash Washing: The Axis Trichome Separator

As premium cannabis products' popularity continues to increase, so does the need for devices that can help processors keep up with the growing demand for solventless hash. Cannabis consumers will continue to have a high appetite for solventless concentrates made from bubble hash, like live rosin, as they become more aware of the high quality experience it typically offers above other concentrates. As such, producers need the top equipment to ensure their business produces the premium solventless products the market demands. 

PurePressure's new Axis trichome separator is here to meet the market's increasing demands and your business needs in one fell swoop. 

The Growing Popularity of Ice Water Hash

Ice water hash producers can find ample opportunity in today's market. The popularity of making ice water hash continues to grow and as the hash washers community continues to swell, more operators are looking to make more bubble hash-based products to meet increasing demand.

This continued growth is due in large to legal cannabis exploding across the U.S. and beyond. New medical and recreational markets are popping up across the country as states determine their regulatory frameworks. With five states passing reform in 2020, most expect the momentum to continue in additional states over the next few years. 

This expansion should create ample space for ice water hash and the hash washers able to develop a lucrative venture. Rapid legalization demonstrates why the need for quality hash washers and their machinery has never been greater. Collecting the glands from the leaf, trim, and buds of cannabis plants to produce high quality bubble hash is as popular as ever - and should only continue to increase. 

Considering that trajectory, the Axis trichome separator positions itself at the forefront of this popularity thanks to its efficiency and ease of use. Because cannabinoid-containing trichomes are not water soluble, the special volatile terpenes fresh frozen trichomes are typically well preserved in the ice water hash process. The versatile practice of hash washing lends itself well to commercial operations producing some of the world's highest quality cannabis products. 

What Sets the Axis Trichome Separator Apart?

Keep in mind that while 'washing hash' or 'hash washing' are the most commonly used phrases, the accurate term is trichome separation. And in the world of trichome separation, high output technology has been sought after by many.

Up until now, most motor-driven devices used in hash washing were created similarly. The Axis trichome separator is unlike these devices in that it is not an impeller-based vessel that washes in a single vessel. These hash washing machines can present significant inefficiencies and issues that the Axis does not have. The Axis trichome separator immediately helps hash makers overcome key inefficiencies presented by other devices with its rolling dolly system that fills, filters, and pre-soaks with ease, which is separated from the source of agitation. 

PurePressure Axis Trichome Separator Wash 60,000 grams or more of Fresh Frozen in 9 hours

Consider these standout points that set the Axis trichome separator apart from the competition.

  • The Axis can wash up to 132 pounds, or 60,000 grams, of fresh frozen cannabis in a single day, with only two operators. 
  • The Axis is highly functional, using only 720 gallons of water or 840 pounds of ice to wash up to 60,000 grams.
  • The Axis trichome separator is backward compatible with PurePressure's 30, 44, and 65-gallon Bruteless vessels to integrate with your existing extraction equipment painlessly.
  • IP65 wash down rated components make for easy clean up regardless of the mess. 
  • The Axis is easily operated in small spaces, even as little as 550 square feet. The Trichome Separator works in facilities with ceilings as low as 7 feet. It can fit through a 30" door when rolled on a furniture cart. 
  • Despite its high production output, the Axis draws only a small amount of power. At 120v., it draws only seven amps peak and just two to three amps continuous. 

Seamless Washing Functionality

Rosin presses by PurePressure save recipes, and the Axis trichome separator is no different. With the Axis, you can get the same quality ice water hash product of traditional hand paddle agitation without all of the work involved. The Axis produces a correct 6-star full melt ice water hash with ease thanks to its gentle agitation. Users can also agitate much aggressively more to allow your facility to achieve higher output, full spectrum washes throughout their batches.

The Axis' functionality is entirely programmable and controllable with the UL508A rated control panel, complete with a full joystick and touchscreen interface. The Axis' joystick control panel allows you to program your agitation sequence easily. From there, users can store, save, and recall for repeating custom recipes any time they want. 

The Axis Trichome Separator is a Smart Investment

A short-term investment could result in long-term returns with the Axis Trichome Separator. Most hash washing facilities that purchase an Axis should see a return on their investment within a month or less. One Axis machine, due to its separated-vessel design, is equal to the output of two devices from competitors.

An Axis puts your business ahead of the competition, giving any solventless lab the opportunity to create significantly more ice water hash with the same small team. 

Demand for Solventless Concentrates is Rising

As consumers sample premium, top-shelf cannabis products, the demand for bubble hash concentrates like live rosin only is slated to increase in demand. Vaporizer cartridges make up a large part of the legal cannabis concentrate consumption in most states, and in general concentrates are coming to the forefront. It's only natural that consumers are highly attracted to products composed of natural, full-spectrum, potent content. 

Hash is no new entrant to the market despite its increasing demand as of late. It is the oldest and perhaps the most common form of cannabis consumption, dating back centuries. The quality of the hash you consume depends on many factors - such as the source strain, the growing conditions, and the purity and potency of the source material. 

Solventless concentrates are quickly becoming the preferred product of consumption for cannabis lovers. Vaporizer cartridges are easy to use and highly effective, requiring significantly less inhalation than the age-old method of smoking flower. However, some solvent-based cannabis extracts present their own set of concerns and potential problems. 

The concern over residual solvents and remaining chemicals leftover in solvent-based extracts is nothing new. Still, it has garnered more scrutiny in recent years. Policymakers and consumers alike have been paying close attention to leftover chemicals in popular marijuana products. Cannabis consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and are, therefore, turning to solventless extracts that present fewer harms when inhaled. The Axis joins PurePressure's line of products aimed at minimizing risks by producing the purest products possible. 

Ice water hash is arguably the most versatile solventless cannabis product on the market today and has been for quite some time. This, coupled with the low startup costs of producing solventless concentrates, makes solventless concentrates the favorite of many extraction facilities.

Pre-Order Your Axis Now

An investment in the Axis trichome separator sets your hash washing and bubble hash making facility apart from any and all competition thanks to its immeasurable quality and labor-saving features. 

The Axis trichome separator is available for pre-order now, with orders expected to ship to customers in May 2021. 

PurePressure Axis Trichome Separator with 65 Gallon Bruteless Vessel Set Up

PurePressure prides itself on providing personable one-on-one customer service that isn't found anywhere else. Virtually all of our products are hand-built in Colorado and come backed by an exceptional customer service team.

The Axis trichome separator is a one of a kind device that pays for itself while making the best extracts money can buy. Give us a call today, or fill out the form right here on our website to talk to an expert and get on our pre-order list. 

Note: all Bruteless washing vessels, dollies, wash filters, and accessories are sold separately from the Axis trichome separator.