Ramping Up the Pressure with Pressware V2

THCa, Terpenes, Solventless Sauce, Solventless Sauce & Diamonds, Solventless Vape Pens, and High Terpenes Solventless Badder…what do these all have in common? They can all be made using Pressware V2 on a Longs Peak or Pikes Peak Rosin Press!

Innovated by PurePressure by Agrify, Pressware V2 is the first automated rosin pressware with a pressure ramping system that also allows for proprietary recipe creation and sharing to easily achieve complex SKU creation. Pressware V2 simplifies the creation of high-quality rosin SKUs via automation of the mechanical separation processes, converting hash rosin into multiple new categories of consumable, solventless products.


Longs Peak Pressware V2 from PurePressure
Longs Peak Pressware V2 from PurePressure


Pressware V2 was designed with operators in mind, from expert extraction artists to new operators, with the goal of improving efficiency and mitigating error. It gives extractors the option to purchase recipes and allows extraction artists to not only create and save recipes, but share them via Pressware Connect, a desktop application. Three distinct operation modes are available in Pressware V2:

  • Full Access Mode: The default mode in which operators can adjust, create, and save recipes
  • Write Protect Mode: Operators can view and run recipes but are not able make changes
  • Dark Mode: Operators cannot view recipes, only start and stop a cycle

In Full Access Mode, extraction artists can create and save up to 30 of their recipes for later use. Write Protect Mode then allows an operator to view and run these recipes without the ability to edit them, protecting the recipe and allowing less skilled operators to run complex recipes. A third mode, Dark Mode, protects an extraction artist’s IP by allowing an operator to start and stop the run of a recipe while preventing them from seeing what they’re running. This mode has the added bonus of allowing for contract manufacturing of proprietary recipes, increasing the processing options for a facility.

Longs Peak Pressware V2 from PurePressureLongs Peak Pressware V2 from PurePressure

Pressure Ramping

For years, presses have used Step Pressure, but Pressware V2 is the first automated rosin pressware with a pressure ramping system, or Smoothing Pressure. Unlike Step Pressure, which holds a specific pressure for 15 seconds before ramping up 20 PSI over the course of 5 seconds, smoothing eliminates holds, making for a gradual and seamless increase. Smoothing Pressure minimizes opportunities for operator error, helps prevent blowouts and product losses, and requires less operator interaction with the press. Unlike manual presses, the automation of Smoothing Pressure makes it repeatable and, paired with recipe saving features, simple to consistently run, making it easy to replicate SKUs and deliver a consistent product time and time again.


By requiring less operator interaction with the press, Pressware V2 optimizes operator workflow. Ultimately, operators can press start and let the press follow the programmed recipe, allowing them to operate additional presses. The ability to operate 2-3 presses simultaneously substantially increases an extraction facility’s production capabilities, increasing output and decreasing operational expenses.

Optimization and operator ease is at the core of Pressware V2. Saving time, optimizing workflow, and increasing production capabilities—all while mitigating error and preventing blowouts and product losses—is not just beneficial to operators, but for OpEx calculations.


PurePressure prioritizes service, support, and training for all offerings. To that end, we offer free firmware updates for life and backwards compatibility, enabling you to stay up to date on the latest technology when you purchase from PurePressure. With the additional ability to purchase recipes and arrange for a custom training plan, PurePressure has you covered.

Are you ready to start pressing with Pressware V2? Talk to an extraction expert today!