Pikes Peak LCD Touchscreen Upgrade Kit

$ 750.00

Available exclusively to existing Pikes Peak press owners

Upgrade your original Pikes Peak to the full V2 functionality with this easy-to-swap LCD touchscreen upgrade kit.

As a part of the upgrade, you will receive an entirely new electrical panel and touchscreen housing.

  • Directly compatible with ALL existing Pikes Peak rosin presses, easily installed
  • Enables full LCD touchscreen control with the ability to save and store up to 30 pre-set material recipes
  • Even more customizability for desired pressure stages, material types, pressure calculations, and more
  • Extends your existing electrical system warranty a full additional year

How It Works

Option #1: Expedited delivery, no downtime

Check out with the "Expedited Delivery" option and pay the additional $500 refundable deposit - we'll mail you the upgrade kit right away and send you a return label to send us your old electrical panel. As soon as we receive your old equipment, we'll refund your expedited $500 charge. Shipping is included both ways.

Option #2: Standard delivery

Purchase the $500 upgrade kit without expedited delivery, box up and mail us your old electrical panel back, and we'll mail your new electronics as soon as we receive it.

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