Bruteless™ Stainless Steel Sight Glass Port

$ 65.00

See what's happening during your hash washing process in real time with the sight glass valve port add-on from PurePressure. This tri clamp process view sight glass literally gives you a clear window to view your trichomes and assess how your wash is coming along. This sight glass easily clamps onto any existing Bruteless™ hash washing vessel.

  • Made of food grade SS304 stainless steel and tempered glass
  • Clamps onto any Bruteless™ port for easy viewing
Connection Type(s) Tri Clamp
Connection Size(s) 1.5 in.
Item Length 3 in.
Item Width 3 in.
Item Height 1.75 in.
Pressure Rating 1 Bar (~ 14.5 PSI)
Warranty 1 Year

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