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Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!
Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!

Bruteless Analog Gauge Hash Washing Thermometer

$ 45.00

Ensuring that your hash washing vessel is at the perfect temperature is crucial to getting a great solventless trichome isolation. These extremely accurate analog thermometers are the perfect companion to any Bruteless bubble hash vessel and attach to any port placement for consistent temperature reads. We tested them internally and determined that these thermometers are accurate to +/-2.5°F. With these hash thermometers, you can know whether to add more ice or not to get your wash environment to 34°F every time.

  • Made with food grade sanitary 304 stainless steel and glass
  • Features a long temperature probe to get a true reading of your wash temperature
  • Easily attaches to any Bruteless port with a gasket and 1.5" sanitary clamp
  • Long lasting, easily cleaned, and requires no batteries 
  • Measures 4" long and has a dial diameter of 3"
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