Top 5 Solventless Products We’re Excited About (Early 2020 Edition)

2020 is starting off to be an intriguing year for cannabis, and more people than ever are looking for new, premium extracted products. Concentrates continue to serve as one of the more alluring sectors of the market. This is especially true for chemical-free products like rosin, solventless hash and carts of several varieties. 

We closed out 2019 by featuring some of our top strains for solventless production, which included classics like Chem Dawg, Gorilla Glue and MAC to name a few. We didn’t want to wait until the end of 2020 to get the ball rolling on the accolades this year. To kick things off, we had to give recognition to some of the top products from a few of the best producers around. Let’s get to know a bit more about each. 

Blue River Terps Flan Hash Rosin Solventless Rosin PurePressure

Honey Banana Flan from Blue River Terps

#1: Blue River Terps’ Flan - California, Florida

Let’s start with an instant classic on the scene. 

Blue River calls itself the original cannabis terpene brand, and it lives up to the billing with its consistent top products. The company goes beyond a marketing tagline by aiming to create dynamic products that have zero impact on the environment. To do so, it uses natural, solventless extraction methods. Its process is mechanically operated, excluding water, gas, chemical, additives and fillers from its process that aims to produce a contaminant-free product. 

With its Flan, Blue River touts the solventless extract's high-grade purity, flavor and experience -- as one would expect a company highlighting its terpene capabilities to do. The company relies on a proprietary process to create its Flan, which includes a separation of molecules that isolates cannabinoids like THCa, THC and terpenes from rosin. The company’s extraction process also included input from Project 4516, which is made of indoor Gelato #45 & Gelato #16 by Grandiflora Genetics, as well as Cookies N Cream live rosin from FullyMelted. 

CAMP Rosin Cartridge Solventless Hash Cartridge

Stargazer 100% Rosin Cartridge from CAMP

#2: CAMP Live Solventless Hash Cartridges - Nevada

We add CAMP to the list even though the brand calls itself "The best-tasting concentrates. Period." That sort of claim could be a dangerous brand statement. That is if CAMP didn't back it up. 

If you want phenomenal rosin carts, then CAMP Live Solventless Hash Cartridges are ones you have to consider. It’s no wonder that solventless hash carts are a booming sector when you have products of superior quality and experience like what this company makes today. 

CAMP’s additional lines, Stargazer and Happy Camper, are also excellent choices, as are their 100% solventless rosin coins made from Orange Cookies. 

CAMP is far from the only brand to see the boom in solventless hash carts. Help your SKU count and bottom line by offering customers a premium branded cannabis hash cartridge. 

Papa's Select Full Melt GMO Hash 3rd Place Award Winner

Garlic Cookies (GMO) 120u Full Melt Hash from Papa's Select

#3: Papa’s Select Full Melt - California

Papa's Select is a premier name in live extracts. The creators of exceptional products like live rosin and ice water hash come from the lineage of their namesake and cannabis leader, Papa & Barkley. Continuing in the name of Papa & Barkley, Papa’s Select offers consumers an experience unrivaled by many in the field today. 

The truth is, the entire line of Papa’s Select products deserve recognition, including its live rosin and award-winning THC Bomb water hash. We at PurePressure love the company’s line of hash. The company really sets the standard in showing producers what six star full melt should be like. 

Papa’s is always working on new strains and innovations to keep its products piquing interest. Be sure to follow Papa's Select on Instagram and its website to stay up to date on their latest batches. We’re excited to see more from Papa’s Select in the future. 

Lilac Diesel Hand Pressed Hash Nokhu Labs Old School hash

Lilac Diesel Hand Pressed Hash from Nokhu Labs

#4: Nokhu Labs Hand Press Hash - Colorado

We love Nokhu Labs for making old school methods in vogue once again. The company uses a combination of older era hand pressing methods with modern processes to create its solventless hash products. Such attention to the new and old era should leave little to no surprise why Nokhu Labs’ hash, and the entire line, is a leader in Colorado solventless production. 

In fact, we love their hash so much that we discussed it in a recent episode of our solventless review series. Be sure to check it out.

Production is paramount at Nokhu. The Fort Collins-based company focuses entirely on chemical-free methods while showing consumers that there is still room at the table for tried and true cannabis creations. 

An array of products is nothing without quality flower, a key emphasis at Nokhu Labs as well as here at PurePressure. Using that top-shelf flower allows the company to create an array of concentrates. The company's portfolio is highlighted by full spectrum live rosin made from fresh frozen flower, as well as hash infused King Palm mini blunts. 

Happy Valley Dry Sift Kief Solventless Sift

Dry Sift from Happy Valley

#5: Happy Valley Dry Sift - Massachusetts

Happy Valley finds itself among few East Coast brands as premier options in the region. The Collin Palmer-led, Gloucester, Massachusetts-based producers of dry sift, tinctures and several other solventless products is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a top of the line extract. 

As longtime consumers themselves, the team behind Happy Valley understands the wants of people like them. Namely, they want consistent products that deliver a similar experience each time it's consumed. For Happy Valley, providing that level of consistency runs from the cannabis it uses for its products to the accurate labeling on each item. In doing so, the company strives to guarantee customers get a consistent, authentic and premium product with verified genetics.

We love Happy Valley and can’t wait to see this brand take off across the East Coast. Keep an eye out for them. And if you’re ever in Massachusetts, definitely swing by one of their shops. 

An Exciting Year Ahead

These cannabis concentrates are just a few of many that we believe will champion 2020 as a dynamite year for cannabis. Solventless, in particular, stands poised to be a leader in the market. As a crowd-pleasing, money generating product, extracts are ideal for producers to develop a brand, generate income and provide consumers with the brand they’ve been looking for in the nascent space.

Be sure to check out the five brands above. Then, let us know which brands you’re on the lookout for!