PurePressure's Top Solventless-Friendly Strains of 2019

As we always say, quality in, quality out. 

That said, if you want to produce quality solventless rosin products, you have to use a superior cannabis flower, whether it be fresh frozen or dried. Creating full melt hash is only possible when you use a flower that possesses a rich terpene profile to complement its cannabinoid content. And let’s not forget about the density of the flower’s trichomes - their size and type matter enormously in the wash, sift, and rosin pressing process. Each plays a crucial part in identifying top strains to produce rosin, hash rosin and other solventless products. Be sure to consider each factor when choosing your source material. While each of these strains are known to produce winning phenotypes, not every seed is going to dump in your wash or sift process, so a bit of grow work is always involved to find your champions for rosin!

If you want a little help getting a start on making top-quality rosin products, consider our list of the top strains to extract with: 

Chemdawg Rosin Press Strain Solventless Strain PurePressure

Chemdawg from The Farm

Chem Dawg

Let's start with a strain whose origin story is just about as clouded as that of a comic book super villain. Chemdawg is a classic fan-favorite thought to have originated from the crossing of sativa landraces from Nepal and Thailand. That said, other stories have been floated about, creating a certain level of mystery about the near 50/50 hybrid. One you may have heard is that the strain is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. 

What isn't a mystery is the potency of the plant. Its diesel-meets-Earth aroma and flavor go along with a THC content that tends to range between 16% and 26%. With a notorious early-onset time, many consumers love Chemdawg for its quick, potent effects. 

Gorilla Glue #4 PurePressure Rosin Strain

GG#4 from Lightshade

Gorilla Glue

Regardless of its name, Gorilla Glue, or Original Glue, or GG4, is one of the most popular strains in recent cannabis history. While its name has changed due to legal issues over the years, the sativa-dominant strain’s history has not been affected. 

GG Strains and its co-founders, Joesy Whales and Lone Watie, brought this stellar, trichome-rich flower to the world. A multi-time Cannabis Cup winner, Gorilla Glue packs a chocolate coffee aroma that is nearly as potent as its THC content, which has been reported to reach 32% at times. 

GMO Strain PurePressure Top Rosin Strain

GMO from Jetlag707


The name of this indica strain tends to change from time to time. GMO, GMO Cookies and Garlic Cookies have all been used over its lifetime to describe a strain that offers up notes of citrus fruit, herbs and pepper. However, its classification can change to untrained eyes, thanks to a physical structure that appears more like an indica-dominant hybrid. 

GMO is also a callback to the first strain on our list. Cultivated by the fine folks at Divine Genetics, this flower can reach 33% potency and comes from crossing Chemdawg with another classic strain, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Sour Kosher DNA Genetics PurePressure Rosin Press Strains

Sour Kosher from DNA Genetics

Sour Kosher

DNA Genetics created an incredible strain when they crossed a Sour Diesel cut with their own award-winning creation, Kosher Kush. The end result is a sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts a flavor and aroma profile that crosses Earth notes with sour scents and tastes.

Like Sour Kosher, several other sour strains are also ideal for pressing rosin. Be sure to check out the wide variety of sours out there. Choose one or two that fit the criteria for a top strain and give it a few test presses. 

Miracle Alien Cookies MAC PurePressure Rosin Press

MAC from Durango Cannabis Co


Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, this indica-dominant hybrid came onto the scene thanks to the cultivation skills of Capulator. The breeder is believed to have crossed F2 Alien Cookies with a landrace from Colombia and Starfighter. Known for its icy trichomes and an aroma that combines dank gas and citrus, this rather potent strain, averaging around 20%, is one that rosin pressers love. 

Purple Punch from The Herbal Cure Purple Punch Rosin

Purple Punch from The Herbal Cure

Purple Punch

Purple Punch is an indica that combines notes of pepper, pine and citrus that is sweet to the taste and nostrils. If you like dense, frosty trichomes, then Purple Punch is one strain you simply can't pass up. With a potency that can reach the upper teens to mid-twenties, this is one flower that is likely to deliver a balanced consumption experience backed by potent effects. 

Wedding Cake Strain PurePressure Wedding Cake Rosin

Wedding Cake on Cannamaps

Cookies and Cake Crosses

This entry is less of a strain recommendation and more an endorsement for much of the lot. People love sweets just about anywhere in the world. This love for the sweeter things in life extends to many in the cannabis community as well. 

Who can blame them? The smell of warm, oven-baked cookies and cakes are two of the most alluring scents to humans. Add in the taste and aroma of the cannabis flower, and the demand for such strains should be apparent. 

Pick one of the numerous cookies or cakes crosses for a usually successful rosin yield. Make sure that the flower lives up to what is a quality strain, and you’ll be in business.

White Fire OG WiFi OG Rosin White Fire Solventless Rosin

White Fire OG on Leafly

The White, White Fire, White Crosses

Like cake and cookies, crosses of The White are an entire category worth considering. This popular strain has created a delectable group of flowers and crosses worth substantial consideration for your next solventless processing endeavor. 

What it has not provided is a clear history of its origins. Like other notable names on the list, we don't have a complete understanding of The White’s beginnings. Some believe this strain with an average THC potency in the high-teens to mid-twenties originates from an unknown area in Florida. Others have said that the indica-dominant flower may be a cross between Florida's three prime cannabis growing areas in Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. Either way, no one’s been able to pin down where in the Sunshine State it originated from.

Either way, the trichome-rich strain boasts a subtle piney aroma that shouldn’t overwhelm consumers while providing them with a highly enjoyable rosin product. Using either The White or well-cultivated crosses are almost usually a great idea for solventless processing. 

Papaya Strain Nirvana Seeds Papaya Rosin PurePressure

Papaya from Nirvana Seeds

Papaya and Its Crosses

Bred by Nirvana Seeds, Papaya is a potent indica which has been known to have an average THC potency in the mid-twenties. Nirvana Seeds crossed Citral #13 with Ice #2 to make their own take on the popular Mango strain. Its end result is a taste and aroma that embodies the fruit it is named after. 

With rich flavor, lovely aromas and a potent punch, it’s no surprise that papaya and crosses of the strain are top choices for creating hash rosin or any other solventless product. 

Didn’t see your favorites on the list? Drop us a line and let us know which flowers you prefer to press rosin with!