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Non-equipment orders ship FREE to the lower 48 states!
Non-equipment orders ship FREE to the lower 48 states!
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Why Every Cannabis Processing Lab Should be Making Solventless Extracts

If your cannabis processing lab isn’t creating solventless extracted SKUs, then it is missing out. Solventless extraction represents a massively growing segment of the cannabis concentrates and oil market. By adding solventless products to a company’s portfolio, it can see significant gains to its bottom line, for a fraction of the startup cost when compared to the rest of the market. 

By including a rosin press and other solventless products, a brand can safely and efficiently offer customers with a truly premium product. Consider solventless processing like a top-shelf alcohol or a true craft beer. Its superior production, efficacy, taste, aroma and much more are sought out by a large portion of the market. 

If your company has not opted for solventless processing, consider the points below. 

The Benefits of Solventless Processing

Solventless Processing Helps Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty centers on, among other things, creating products that are high quality, authentic, consistent and won't let the customer down. When executed correctly, those parameters are all met with a solventless extraction process. 

With a superior, consistent product, brands can focus on the additional parameters required to establish essential brand loyalty. With such product SKUs to offer, the company can feel confident it is providing the value a consumer seeks. From here, the company should listen to feedback from customers and make any needed changes. Making such changes is rather simple with a rosin press. This is especially with the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin press machines which both hold up to 29 pre-set recipes. 

Solventless Extraction Attracts Connoisseur Customers

Like mentioned above, consider solventless products like a fine bottle of wine or superior crafted beer. Sure, some will reach for the regular run of the options. According to 2018 data from the Brewers Association, craft beer sales were up 3.9% in 2018. Import beers were up 3.6% during the same period. While this doesn't represent a mirror to the solventless market, the data shows that people are interested in a higher quality product. And when priced fair, they don't mind paying a little extra. 

The subject of cannabis connoisseurs has been discussed in the market for some time. Often, this concerned flower cultivated in The Emerald Triangle and other key cannabis regions. As legalization has pinched this market, it is believed the sector will thrive if it treats their cannabis like fine wine. If a company can work with these high-quality cultivators, it can create a flavorful, potent, highly sought out item. 

Cannabis Processing Equipment Solventless Extracts Solventless Lab

Solventless Can Build Profits

Offering various products is likely to drive profitability for cannabis companies. The 2019 Marijuana Business Factbook from Marijuana Business Daily found that diversification enhances profitability for cannabis manufacturers. 

Companies can see significant gains when offering more than one product. The MJBizDaily study found that only 27% of single-product companies reported being profitable. Meanwhile, 50% of companies offering multiple products in several categories reported being profitable. 

Much like building brand loyalty, a company has to remember that offering various products will not alone ensure profit gains. A company still must focus on all the other required parameters to succeed in its sector. However, having a number of high-quality products will certainly help fuel other areas of the work. 

A Safer, More Affordable Cannabis Processing Option

Sure, solventless extraction isn’t cheap. A rosin press will likely run a couple of thousand dollars. That said, compare it to the likely six-figure sum it takes to startup a solvent-based lab and that solventless extraction process might not seem so bad on the wallet. 

Some of the reasons solvent-based extraction is that much more expensive are its chemicals, extra equipment and its additional safety requirements. Even dangerous home extraction will set a person back quite a bit -- and we don’t recommend anyone pursue this option. 

While rosin pressing and other solventless extraction methods do require safety, there’s little to no way that pressing rosin is as dangerous as hydrocarbon processing. 

Hopefully these points help your business see the benefits of solventless extraction using a rosin press and other equipment. If you want to create premium cannabis products for your SKUs, contact our experts at PurePressure today. 

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