Who’s Hashing?

Bringing you profiles of those at the forefront of cannabis extraction including tips, tricks, and hot takes. Whether you agree or disagree, you’ll find something worth pondering.

Ryan Lecates (aka Rosin Ryan) got his start in the cannabis industry as a packager at 710 Labs in Denver before moving onto hydrocarbon extraction. He turned his focus to solventless hash and worked for years as head rosin extractor at Olio, and is now the extraction division training manager at PurePressure.

In his role, Ryan travels to operations around the country to deliver multi-day on site trainings on anything from basic hash washing and pressing to advance SKU techniques. When he’s not on site, Ryan is available for virtual consultations and works on equipment R&D, developing the cutting-edge tools for hash makers everywhere.

Starting out, what did you wish you knew?
How difficult it was to grow for trichome production vs plant weight.

#1 recommendation:
Keeping everything in the washroom as close to freezing temperatures as possible. Cold room + cold RO water + cold spoon and trays = happy washing

#1 thing to avoid:
Overhandling the starting material is one sure way to diminish quality and yields. The plant material and trichomes need to be treated with great care during the grow, harvest, and wash process.

What’s your favorite tool or equipment?
PurePressure Longs Peak

What is your favorite product to make with this equipment?
Cold cure hash rosin

What technology or equipment do you wish you had?
A better working, larger freeze dryer!

What’s your vision for the future?
Higher standards of quality and cleanliness in all parts of the industry. Biodegradable packaging to reduce the amount of waste. Consumers becoming more educated, seeking higher quality “craft” cannabis and hash. I believe that solventless will continue to grow in popularity and become a focus for large scale growers as well.

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