Solventless Hash Breeders & Genetics to Look for

Rosin and other solventless extract products are great for a variety of reasons. One of the highlights being their ability to provide consumers with as close to a live plant's essence as possible, all in the form of a clean solventless concentrate. When using dry sift, bubble hash, or rosin products, the plant’s natural flavors and aromas stand out without any alteration. With distillate or other solvent-based extraction methods, you often have to add those lost terpenes back in to give your product those desired flavors and aromas. But even then, your product won't compare to one made properly without solvents.

That said, a solventless product is only as good as the material it's sourced from. If you’re familiar with our other articles, you will know how strongly we advise producers to use only the best cultivars from farms that properly grow their flower. Doing so ensures that you generate top-quality bubble hash, rosin, and other popular non-solvent products.

Consider the list of some of our favorite breeders and their genetics below. These six are doing fantastic work that only scratches the surface of the cannabis community’s dynamic growers. Give these cultivators a look to see what we mean:

#1: Oni Seed Co.

Once led by the excellent duo Oni Noodles and Harry Palms, Oni Seed Company is an exemplary California cannabis cultivator worth discovering. Known for their Tropicanna Cookies F2 and Military Chocolate strains, Oni also cultivates stellar crosses, which include:

  • Tropaya (Tropicanna Cookies and Papaya)
  • Black Garlic (GMO and Sour Dubb)
  • Cookies n Dubb (Cookies n Cream and Sour Dubb)
  • Dubb Breath (Motorbreath 15 and Sour Dubb)
  • Tropicanna Punch (Tropicanna Cookies and Purple Punch)
  • Tropsanto (GMO and Tropicanna Cookies)
  • Sour Tropicanna (Sour Diesel V2 and Tropicanna Cookies)
  • Poon Tang Pie (Tropicanna Cookies, Grape Pie, and Papaya)

TropSanto Bred by Oni Seed Co Grown by Ziggi Stardust

Pictured: Tropsanto bred by Oni Noodles (Instagram: @oninoodles) and grown by Xiggi Stardust (Instagram: @xiggi_stardust)

Each of their creations are regarded for having full-bodied plant profiles. Oni's seeds are known to grow cannabis with resinous trichomes and robust terpenes that provide desirable flavors and aromas, which are ideal for producing solventless hash and rosin.

#2: Bloom Seed Co.

Started by Harry Palms (Instagram: @__harrrypalms___), Bloom Seed Company consists of a small group of passionate cannabis professionals that joined together to cultivate genetics that are specifically meant for making solventless extracts. Bloom's mission has been to breed strains with strong genes that will cover the plant in resinous trichomes. Bred for flavor and potency, their seeds are a top choice amongst solventless extractors.

Originally bred by Harry Palms during his time at Oni, Tropicanna Cookies resides on the list of Bloom's featured strains as well. Other notable strains on that list include Sour Garlic Cookies (GMO Cookies and Reversed Sour Dubb) and Strawberry Guava (Strawnana and Papaya).

Bloom Seed Co Sour Garlic Cookies

Pictured: Sour Garlic Cookies bred and grown by Bloom Seed Co. (Instagram: @bloomseedco) 

#3: Capulator

An OG cultivator through and through, Capulator is a breeder known for his cultivars and organic growing methods, including living soil. What he isn’t known for is his personal life. Private by design, Capulator instead lets his superb strains make an impression on the cannabis community. 

One such strain to do so is Miracle Alien Cookies. Commonly referred to as MAC, Capulator created a cultivar that is decked out in trichomes. Combined from Starfighter and Colombian Landrace strains, MAC offers solventless hash producers a complex plant profile rich in sour/sweet citrus with hints of the Earth and fuel for added variety. 

MAC1 capscut bred by capulator grown by Capulator

Pictured: MAC1 bred and grown by Capulator (Instagram: @capulator)

MAC sure is a strain worth writing home about, but his strain collection includes more than just one heavy hitter. A look into Capulator's 2019 Emerald Cup offerings reveals a range of strains, from MAC 69 (Orange Apricot MAC and Caps Frozen Lemons), to Chem Chillz (GMO and Chillz), to MAC and Cheese (Alien Cheese and MAC).

#4: Exotic Genetix

Like most companies, Exotic Genetix began out of necessity. Since the early 2000s, Exotic Mike has made it his mission to discover and breed strong, healthy cannabis genetics. At the time, Washington medical cannabis patients who grew their own flower were searching for a solution to kill bugs and powdery mildew that would repeatedly grow in their medicine. Exotic Mike decided to set up his own experimental tent, one that was free of bugs and mildew, and that was specifically for creating healthy seeds to give to patients.

Supernatural, Essence, and Flurple were the first successful strains to come from the experiment. Which in turn, increased demand for Mike's seeds to the point where he could not keep up with giving them out for free anymore. His passion for cannabis growing projects and the community led him to begin Exotic Genetix.

Since 2012, Exotic has made it a focus to find and create big, frosty cannabis flowers with the most pungent aromas, specifically for making great solventless hash. Grease Monkey is a notable Exotic Genetix strain along with Cookies n Cream, which won the 2014 US Cannabis Cup (Denver). Like the name implies, Exotic Genetix breeds and hunts new strains with specific desirable genetics. 

Cookies N Cream Bred by Exotic Genetix Mike grown by SeaTownGabriel

Pictured: Cookies n Cream bred by Exotic Genetix Mike (Instagram: @exoticgenetix_mike) and grown by Gabriel Cannabis (Instagram: @gabriel_cannabis)

#5: Divine Genetics

Divine Genetics made its mark on the cannabis community with the launch of Chem Cookies, which has the same parent strains as the Mamiko Seeds' (Instagram: @mamikoseeds) famous GMO Cookies (Garlic Mushroom Onion). Like many popular strains, names vary and sometimes change. Currently, Divine's website lists it as "Chem Cookies (GMO Cookies)" while Mamiko goes back and forth between calling the strain Chem Cookies and GMO Cookies.

Chem Cookies Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies bred and grown by Divine Genetics

 Pictured: Chem Cookies (GMO) bred and grown by Divine Genetics (Instagram: @divine_genetics_seeds)

The Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg cross earned Divine scores of fans in both the producer and consumer worlds. This would happen again when it released Sunset Sherbert S1 (Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties). The latter marked an especially popular option in hash circles for solventless producers.

Far from a two-trick pony, Divine’s genetics live up to its name and several other crosses. They include: 

  • Bubba Cookies (Bubba Kush and Girl Scout Cookies)
  • Sundae Driver S1 (Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie)
  • Sundae Cookies (Sundae Driver and GMO Cookies)
  • Sunset Cookies (Sunset Sherbert and GMO Cookies)

#6: DNA Genetics

We end the list on a multi-award winning producer, DNA Genetics. The company's story begins over a decade ago in California when creators Don and Aaron decided they wanted to grow the best bud in the world. Due to American regulations, the duo moved to Amsterdam to start their company and have been a global influence ever since.

DNA is the most awarded seed bank with over 200 awards acheived during its impressive run. The heavyweight breeder only got more substantial with the recent acquisition of another top grower, Crockett Family Farm genetics (Instagram: @crocketfarmsofficial). 

A look over the company’s online menu reveals a list of seeds that are virtually impossible to stand up against. Boasting nearly 100 seeds to choose from, producers can get their hands on top picks, including 24K Gold, Crockett’s Sour Tangie, and Sour Banana Sorbet.

DNA Genetics Gelato Sorbet and Lava Cake DNA Cake

Pictured: DNA Cake (Gelato Sorbet and Lava Cake) bred by DNA Genetics (Instagram: @dna_genetics) and grown by Green Thumb Farms (Instagram: @greenthumbfarmz)

Be sure to check out new releases as well. Some include Sour Strawberries (Strawberry Banana and Sour Chemdog), Banana Sorbet (Banana OG and Sorbet), and Kosher Dawg (StarDawg and Kosher Kush) among many others.

An Exciting New Year Ahead

2021 is shaping up to be a fantastic year in the cannabis space. The breeders listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to incredible cultivation happening. The cannabis community is rife with skilled growers. So, be sure to check out some that we have listed and remember, there are always new breeders to discover. Instagram is an excellent place to keep up with emerging growers in the cannabis space.

What are your favorite strains and breeders? We'd love to know which ones you've had success with! Feel free to reach out with any questions or other comments about this article. You can fill out our form here or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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