5 Solventless Hash Friendly Breeders to Watch

The collection would be sprawling, to say the least, if someone were to catalog all the cannabis strains in existence. The proliferation of cultivars has grown over time, with legalization adding staggering amounts of fuel to the fire. 

The rapid increase led to an ongoing flow of new strains, many of which go on to become the source material for top-quality cannabis extracts, edibles and other consumption items. Thanks to these best-of-the-best cultivars, solventless genetics technology has taken off. Producers are now better documenting which plants are ideal strains for hash, which are the best rosin strains and all other extraction types. 

We here at PurePressure are thrilled to be in on the action first-hand. Many of our clients are expert extractors and are refining their craft with some of the finest strains in production today. You and your business can do the same. While there are numerous breeders we are happy to point you towards, these are some of the must-watch growers in the game. 

Disclaimer: there are many terrific breeders out there that warrant attention, but we can't get to every single one in this article.

Oni Seed Co.

Oni Seed Co. is regarded for going beyond the run of the mill. The company, bred by Oni Noodles, never settles for good. Instead, the breeders of strains like Tropaya and Wilson! Zero seek to produce various strong-performing, customer-pleasing cultivars. Oni Seed Co. is often dropping new additions to the beloved breeding brand in addition to its favorites. Be sure to stay up to date at its official wholesale vendor.  

Top Solventless Hash Pick: Tropicana Cookies

It may be challenging to choose, but our team gives the slightest of edge to Tropicana Cookies. It is one of the top strains for hash, and is a crucial example of how solventless genetics is advancing in the world of marijuana. 

Tropicana Cookies Oni Seed Co Solventless Hash GeneticsImage Source: treefrog farms

Exotic Genetix

This Tacoma, Washington-based breeder started in the early days of the medical marijuana market, where founder and breeder Mike donated his time at the local hydroponics store in exchange for gardening equipment. After seeing scores of people ask how to kill bugs and mildew, many of which were medical patients growing their own supply, Mike got thinking. A solution began as a small tent-based grow, which helped patients grow their own medicine without concerns about contaminants. 

Three strains began what would become Exotic Genetix: Supernatural, Essence, and Flurple. Handing out these strains to other growers created a boom that would grow a business alongside the passionate care that got things started. In the years since, Exotic Genetix expanded its portfolio to include stellar cultivar creations, including Wet Betty, Truffle Monkey and Apes in Space. 

Top Solventless Hash Pick: Cookies & Cream

With ample choices filled with notable names and experiences, Exotic Genetic make it difficult to choose one. Our team gives the edge to a classic, Cookies & Cream. That said, it would benefit you to do some in-depth research yourself.

Cookies & Cream Cannabis Solventless Hash Strain Exotic Genetix

Cookies & Cream F3 from Exotic Genetix

Archive Seed Bank

The folks at Archive Seed Bank have the hardware to back up their incredible breeding skills. The company has racked up quite a few accolades to its name, including several 1st place winners for its flower and concentrates. Archive's top prizes in flower include the 2013 Amsterdam High Times Cup for its Lemon Amnesia, which also helped create a top concentrate award-winning shatter at the 710 Cup Denver. 

The company touts itself as a supplier of superior seeds while working with top vendors in the industry. In doing so, Archive has been able to provide breeders with award-winning Do-Si-Dos varietals, as well as newcomers like Fauxsido and Citrus Rush.  

Top Solventless Hash Pick: Do-Si-Dos

Archive Seed Bank’s selection is a playground for solventless genetics enthusiasts. While each are amazing in their own right, our team prefers Do-Si-Dos when we need an ideal rosin strain because it's crossed with everything under the sun for incredible breeding potential.

Do-Si-Dos Solventless Extraction Archive Seed Bank

Do-Si-Dos from @DevilsLettucePH

Mamiko Seeds

If Mamiko Seeds were a character of Sesame Street, this leader in marijuana breeding would undoubtedly be the Cookie(s) Monster. 

Hailing from Spain, Mamiko Seeds has made its fair share of positive impact in the cannabis world since 2012. It would take a year for its name to become well-known in the cannabis community when the breeders caught the eye of enthusiasts and businesses alike with its crosses of GSC S1 Forum Cut. Since then, Mamiko Seeds has gone on to be regarded for its strain of Cookies and crosses, with ample varieties for sale. That is, when in stock. 

Top Solventless Hash Pick: GMO

Of all the Cookies options cultivated by these excellent breeders, our team gives the edge to GMO, or Garlic Cookies. It’s a crowd-pleaser that serves as one of the ideal strains for hash production. 

GMO Cannabis Strain Hash Solventless Strain

GMO from Garden State Dispensary

Symbiotic Genetics

The duo behind Symbiotic Genetics are some of the leaders in the cultivation space. The combined efforts of The Village and Budologist have led to the development of superior strains by the Sacramento-based breeders. Such acclaimed creations include Banana Punch and Wedding Crasher. Their work is beloved by consumers as well as solventless producers seeking ideal rosin strains. 

Top Solventless Hash Pick: Mimosa

Symbiotic Genetics has an arsenal of major player strains worth calling your favorite. That said, the breeders are primarily known for their work in creating one of the best strains in circulation today: Mimosa

As Jimi Devine recently described, the popularity of Mimosa was so high in Sacramento that it was being cultivated just about everywhere. When discussing their efforts, Devine wrote, "At one point, there was so much of his Mimosa strain being grown in town, you could have mistaken Sacramento for the brunch capital of the world."

Mimosa Hash Rosin Strain Symbiotic Genetics

Mimosa from The Village