Bruteless Bubble Hash Washers from PurePressure

PurePressure is excited to start taking orders for our latest enhancement to the solventless extraction processing: Bruteless Stainless Steel Hash Washing Vessels. Built from the ground up specifically for making ice water hash, the Bruteless series sets the standard for bubble hash washing excellence. 

Until now, the hashing washing world operated like much of the solventless extraction community had to deal with. Meaning, a whole lot of DIY equipment. In this case, a 55-gallon plastic Brute®-brand trash can.

While the trash can worked to a serviceable extent, and there is no doubt that much full melt has been washed and made in them, the world of cannabis is evolving. So, why shouldn’t solventless extraction technology as well? Solventless extraction is booming. Its technology needs to meet the demand of the market, and this sophisticated vessel is sure to help get you there.

Until recently, straining cans used for hash washing boiled down to modifying household items. Typically, this is a durable, rubber multi-gallon garbage containers at relatively low costs. Holes would need to be drilled into the bottom followed by a multi-step insulation process.

This approach has served the extraction community for sure. That said, ice water hash production already takes enough time. There is no need dedicate more of your sweat equity to the process when you can have an item made specific to your needs.

So, isn’t it time to go Bruteless and enjoy the benefits of a purpose-engineered stainless steel hash washing vessel?

The Bruteless hash washer is the professional-grade, food grade compliant tool that will enhance your production and the quality of your bubble hash. Let's take a look at just how it'll be done.

Bubble Hash 6 Star Ice Water Full Melt Vessel PurePressure Bruteless

What’s in the Bruteless Hash Washer?

The Bruteless hash washer vessels are sanitary welded, as well as hand ground and polished for a sleek look and efficient use. They come in three capacities to meet the needs of any size venture:

(Maximum fresh frozen grams of flower, per wash)

  • 30 Gallon: up to 7,000 grams
  • 44 Gallon: up to 11,500 grams
  • 65 Gallon: up to 18,000 grams

PurePressure's hash washing units are made using FDA food grade compliant sanitary welded stainless steel - offering much more product quality assurance than a tub made for the garbage can provide. A sanitary weld is 100% penetrated and has a smooth face at the point of contact with the product. This assures that the hashing washing vessel is easy to clean with no crevices or oxidation to harbor bacteria or other contaminants.

With a dedicated item to the process of ice water hash, better yield production is sure to follow, along with better quality. 

Save time and your plant’s profile with one machine. Instead of spending time drilling a series of holes in a trash can, the Bruteless hash washer comes equipped with a stainless steel false bottom with holes already in place.

Most importantly, our stainless steel false bottom protects trichomes during the washing process when producing ice water hash by reducing agitation at the bottom of the barrel, thus ensuring a more gentle trichome isolation. Additionally, our hash washer keeps ice and work bags three inches above your hash while its integrated baffles provide a calm, turbulent-free zone at the bottom of the washer.

Another time-consuming process in making a hash washing vessel from a trash can is the insulation process. To save additional time and provide better insulation, the Bruteless comes pre-installed with a thick 1” cryogenic sleeve. With professional-grade insulation in place, your washer can reduce ice usage by up to 50%. Like the sanitary weld, the sleeve is removable and easy to clean.

The Bruteless hash washers are durable and extremely efficient. All Bruteless hash washers come with a sturdy stainless steel lid as well as a 1" stainless steel butterfly ball valve, a 90 degree drain elbow, and three caps with gaskets for easy opening and closing of all ports. Each vessel offers three separate and strategically placed ports for filling, draining and skimming. The skim port provides producers with the opportunity to drain off chlorophyll-rich water and keep it from your high-quality ice water hash.

We also offer a deburred, smooth paddle edge stainless steel and polyethylene paddle as an add-on. The paddle is made of food grade steel and works with any size hash washing vessel or similar setups.

Bubble Hash Ice Water Hash Solventless Rosin PurePressure Hash Washing Machine

Upgrade Your Process

As our burgeoning industry evolves into the substantial market that it is well on its way to becoming, so will its technology. This hash washer is the latest step in this evolution. No longer should producers have to make their own washing equipment. Your business deserves an industry-specific product that suits your washing needs. The Bruteless hash washer is that production for ice water hash productions.

This is a billion dollar market that’s only going to grow. It’s time to scale your operation’s equipment like the market we’re in.

We are thrilled to now have our Bruteless Stainless Steel Hash Washing Vessels available for order. Hash washers are slated to ship in early February 2019. Contact us today to learn more about the Bruteless hash washer and how it can enhance your ice water hash production.