Plastic Fill Funnel

$ 16.00

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Good through 4/30/2019

PurePressure Custom Engineered Plastic Filling Funnel

Designed to perfectly fill, scoop, and work with our rosin filter bags for maximum efficiency with no mess or waste!

Two easy options, one for bags with a 2" width or less or a larger funnel for bags with a 2.5" width or less. 

  • Wide fill top with a 1" fill spout that helps you fill your rosin filter bags with ease
  • Attach your bag and simply scoop up your product with flat side, or use the wide mouth to use to pack flower with The Quick Flip tool
  • Works with flower, kief, and bubble hash
  • Affordable 3D printed design made with environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic

If you've been looking for the perfect rosin filter bag fill funnel, this is it. These funnels are made in a variety of colors - if there is a specific color you are looking for, please let us know. 

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