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Specialized Rosin Scraping Tool

$ 49.00

PurePressure's custom engineered rosin scraping tool helps you scrape your rosin that much easier, while significantly reducing the chance of a parchment paper tear. After months of research and development, PurePressure's own premium rosin collection tool is here. Save time, money, and reduce scraper waste! This custom scraping tool works better than any other one on the market due to it's beveled blade design, which quickly and easily helps you scrape your rosin off the parchment and onto the blade. 

  • Makes collecting and scraping rosin quicker and more efficient than other non-rosin specific rosin collection tools
  • Gently beveled food grade stainless steel blades for easier collection and dramatically reduced chance of parchment paper tears
  • Both blades have a perfect amount of flexibility for scraping any consistency or texture of rosin
  • Two food-grade stainless steel blades, featuring a 2" blade and a 1" blade
  • Scratch-resistant, hard anodized ergonomic aluminum handle
  • PurePressure jewel logo

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