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Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!
Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!

Axis Trichome Separator Pre-Order

$ 27,500.00

Pre-order your Axis today for only $9,995 down! The next revolution in hash washing has arrived. Introducing the Axis trichome separator, available for pre-order on January 5th. Please purchase the Axis pre-order separately to avoid slowing down the delivery of your other products. We anticipate them to begin shipping in May, 2021. 

ROI and Spec Sheet

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PurePressure's Axis trichome separator offers unparalleled control, machine utilization, and scalability for solventless processors. Its unique design separates the washing vessel from the source of agitation, which enables extractors to wash in one vessel while the next one is being filled, pre-soaked, or filtered. This creates massive efficiencies both in terms of batch processing throughput and labor cost savings.  Built in the USA, the Axis' wash down rated stainless steel housing allows for easy cleaning and sanitation. It also features a joystick that's coupled with a touch screen control panel to mimic hand-paddle agitation. Begin washing like a pro from the start with preset and custom recipes, further increasing your ability to produce challenging SKUs like full melt or six star hash with ease and consistency.
  • Utilizes a premium quality servo motor for precise, positional paddle control as opposed to high speed impellers that create imprecise vortexes
  • Quick change paddle system to match the wash paddle to your process and vessel size
  • ROI achieved in 2 months or less for most operations, and labor savings ROI alone is achieved versus hand-washing in 6 months or less
  • Wash up to 132lb or 60,000 grams (fresh frozen) per 9 hour shift, or more depending on wash cycle times
  • Backwards compatible with existing 30, 44, and 65 gallon Bruteless vessels
  • Works with ceilings as low as 7' and small spaces
  • Full stainless steel wash arm housing for easy cleaning
  • IP65 rated electrical components so you can make a mess and clean it up without worrying
  • Features a UL508A rated control panel with a full joystick and touchscreen interface 
  • Easily create, save, and use custom recipes to make any kind of ice water hash product imaginable, from super gentle agitation for 6 star to more aggressive agitation for high yield full spectrum washes
  • Minimal maintenance and servicing required
  • Super low power draw at 120V only 7A peak (3A continuous) and at 240V only 4A peak (2A continuous)
  • All Bruteless washing vessels, dollies, wash filters, and accessories must be purchased separately
  • Patent pending

Note: the Axis trichome separator is $27,500, plus shipping, and does not include any Bruteless vessels or accessories. The $9,995 pre-order secures your Axis to be built and full payment is due 30 days before your anticipated ship date, which we will contact you to collect.