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25μm Stainless Steel Rosin Screen 10 Square Meter Roll

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The finest rosin press filtration on the market - literally. The 25μm stainless steel mesh on this roll is thinner than paper.

  • The choice of pros for premium rosin, solventless mechanical fractioning, terpene separations, THCA isolations, rosin cartridges, and more

  • Press up to a 240g of ice water hash (half lb) per 18" x 18" sheet, or 120g per 12" x 12" sheet - cut whatever size you'd like for more or less input

  • Thinner than a sheet of paper (53μm thick) and as soft as silk, PurePressure's stainless steel mesh is perfect for pressing ice water hash and sift into the highest quality rosin possible
  • This ultra-fine 25μm stainless steel mesh comes on a 10m2 roll

If you are looking to step up your solventless extractions, this stainless steel mesh is perfect for ultra-fine separations and filtration on any rosin press. Available in packs of 5, 10, 25, and 100. 

Note: we recommend only handling this stainless steel mesh with gloves to avoid contamination. Please handle gently for best results.

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