There's a reason the best in the business choose PurePressure. For award winning results, our industry leading Pikes Peak rosin press sets the standard. We thank and support all of our customers on their incredible efforts to produce such terrific products.


Chalice 2017 - Rosin Category

  • Highest Terpenes: The Proper Extracts, Double Banana
  • Highest THC: The Proper Extracts, Hells Fire 
  • Best Overall Sativa: The Proper Extracts, Banana Split
  • 2nd Best Overall Sativa: The Proper Extracts, Sleestack

Rooster Magazine's 2017 THC Classic - Solvent-less Concentrates

  • 1st Place: Essential Extracts Lemon OG rosin batter
  • 2nd Place: The Proper Extracts, Sour Banana Split

The Hemp Connoisseur THC Competition 2017

Adult-Use Solvent-less

  • First Place, Connoisseur’s Choice: Bgood/Lama Brand Cannabis, Kosher Witches

Medical Solvent-less

  • First Place, Connoisseur’s Choice: Olio, Cookies and Cream
  • Second Place, People's Choice: Olio, Citrus Sap