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Silicone Extraction Work Mat

$ 80.00

PurePressure's XL 36" x 24" Durable 100% nonstick silicone custom extraction work mat is the must-have for any laboratory or operation making rosin. This is the ultimate work surface for any kind of extraction or cannabis work. The PurePressure silicone table mat offers enough surface area to do anything you need it to!

  • Ultra heat resistant, up to 500°F
  • 100% nonstick surface so there is never wasted material
  • Perfect for using to put your PurePressure rosin press on top of, as well as for any other rosin or extraction work where a nonstick surface is critical
  • Custom PurePressure design and color scheme
  • Measures 36" x 24"

Never waste any of your precious material when you're working with rosin, bubble hash, or anything else that demands a nonstick surface. Cleans up easily with  rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, or acetone. 

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