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Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!
Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!

Labconco FDry-8L Freeze Dryer System

$ 17,525.00

If your lab is looking for the most modern, hassle-free freeze drying technology available for ice water hash, look no further than our Labconco FDry-8L freeze dryer system. The Labconco FDry-8L offers the ultimate in freeze drying technology with real-time monitoring and the ability to easily customize runs with programmable shelf temperatures and vacuum levels. The sublimation process is easily optimized process and the Labconco FDry-8L has up to 30 programs with 16 steps that can be stored. Additionally, on-board data logging ensures that your bubble hash is consistently dried perfectly every single run and is identical from batch to batch. This FDry-8L system includes a premium Leybold SOGEVAC NEO D 16 vacuum pump for lasting vacuum pull performance.

  • Each purchase comes with PurePressure's custom developed freeze drying recipes that have been thoroughly tested and verified on top shelf material
  • User friendly interface with customizable parameters and one button data logging of all key criteria for future reference and cycle adjustments
  • Purchase price includes a full Labconco matching welded tray kit
  • Offers up to 7.2 sq ft of shelf space; each Labconco welded tray measures 10.25" x 19.50" and each heated shelf measures 10.6" x 20.1"
  • Unobstructed view during the freeze drying process to view material every step of the way
  • Active variable monitoring throughout the entire freeze drying process, with remote notification of alerts or run parameters so that you can be notified if there is a power outage, abnormal variables, or to simply check your run conditions from home
  • Multiple independent sensors constantly monitor shelf temperature, product temperature, collector temperature, and vacuum level of your material to ensure consistent results every single time
  • Internal shelving units and components are easily removed and simple to clean with a one button defrost to maximize freeze dryer utilization
  • Built in vacuum pump protection ensures your hash is never compromised in the event of a power failure or vacuum pump error
  • Reduced cycle times as low as 6-8 hours, compared to 24 hours or longer with other freeze dryers
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty, available in 115v or 230v configurations, and requires a dedicated 20amp circuit for operation
  • The type of plug it uses is described in a picture just below, so ensure your electrical is set up properly before installation
  • View the flyer here

Labconco FDry8L Freeze Dryer Labconco Hash Rosin Freeze DryerRequired plug type for 115V

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