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Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!
Free shipping on non-equipment orders to the lower 48!

Bruteless Hash Washers

Browse the best in FDA food-contact-compliant ice water hash and bubble hash washing vessels. 

Made with sanitary welded stainless steel, these Bruteless™ vessels are food-contact approved and easy to clean. The absence of grooves and crevices means fewer opportunities for mold and bacteria to grow. 

Each one features a removable 304 stainless-steel false bottom with integrated baffles to prevent turbulence and preserve your trichomes. The extra-thick 1" cryogenic insulated sleeves reduce ice usage by up to 50%. 

These vessels are suitable for full-spectrum, full-melt, and everything in between. The 20-gallon wash vessel is perfect for small-batch operations, but we also have a range of systems for larger home operations as well as commercial enterprises. We have 30-gallon, 44-gallon, and even 65-gallon varieties to suit your needs. Process up to 15,000 grams of hash in a single wash when using a 65-gallon vessel.

A starter kit has everything you need to create perfect hash: a freeze dryer, 30-gallon Bruteless wash vessel, work bag, and bubble bags. If you have low ceilings and can’t accommodate a full-sized Bruteless hash washing system, you’ll want to check out the PurePressure Pneumatic Hash Pump; the low-shear design preserves your trichomes, and the low-profile design means easier management and cleaning.

We also carry a full selection of liners and bubble bags that fit perfectly in our Bruteless hash washers, ensuring that you can access everything you need to achieve high-quality hash. To learn more about our industry-leading washers, or to inquire about placing an order, contact our sales team today.