Solventless Rosin Cartridges Poised to Dominate the Luxury Cannabis Market

Data over the past few years show what producers have known for some time: solventless cartridges are the way to go.

These hot items are only expected to get hotter in the coming years due to their accessibility and quality. As such, processing labs must consider adding solventless extraction, specifically solventless carts, to their operation. By investing in top quality rosin press machines and hash kits today, your business could be making an excellent investment in its future position in the market.  

The Booming Solventless Cartridges Market Expects to Grow

Overall, extracts stand poised to make significant gains in the market in the coming years. Data released earlier this fall by Arcview and BDS Analytics projects retail consumer appeal for concentrates to reach an estimated $8 billion in retail sales by 2022. These figures expect to outpace traditional flower sales, which would confirm the assumptions of plenty in the industry. In fact, vaporizers and pre-filled vape cartridges were considered the top growing concentrate product on the market with a 93% year-over-year growth between 2016 and 2017.

Arcview CEO Troy Dayton told Forbes expects to reach a rapid growth stage sooner than later. Dayton noted that the sales jump the industry is already seeing is “just the beginning of a revolution in how cannabis is consumed, now that it’s becoming legal around the world."

The anticipated boom in sales creates opportunities across the market. Cultivators, distributors, extractors and plenty more points on the supply chain can and will be filled as more opportunities arise in the coming years. This presents a particularly favorable chance for individuals and brands to enter the rosin and solventless cartridges market before there is any chance of oversaturation and increased competition. These products are hot items to consumers for their solvent-free composition. They are just as appealing to producers due to their high dollar value thanks to using high-quality cannabis strains, bubble hash techniques and employing professional grade rosin pressing.

Solventless Rosin Carts 100% Rosin Vapes PurePressure DabLogic
Solventlessly separated oil from DabLogic

Why Go Solventless?

As noted above, customers are demanding solventless products in growing numbers. This emerging trend aligns with similar market trends around food, healthcare, beauty and other products. Much like how support for cannabis has grown as a medical option, people are wanting to return to natural products. With solventless pens and cartridges, consumers find there is, indeed, a product that touts some of the highest potencies on the market without any risk of encountering any elements beyond what came from the plant.

Much of today's market remains made up of mass-produced pre-filled cartridges that often are made from suboptimal flower. Starting with a quality product is essential. As we always say, “Quality in, quality out.” If you don't begin with good flower, then the outcome is sure to be less than ideal. Add in the fact that solvent extracted oils are typically blasted with solvents, stripped of their essential compounds and filled with artificial terpenes, often re-cut with non-cannabis specific terps, and it becomes clear to see why the demand is shifting.

Solventless cartridges are made without distillate, CO2 oil, or re-added terpenes. Instead, it uses the techniques mentioned above. That means instead of poor flavors caused by additives, solventless cart consumers enjoy a product made using ice water and heat pressure, providing for a far superior cannabis product all around. Plus, rosin cartridges and other solventless carts typically use only premium bubble hash that are made in limited batches. It's pretty much as good as it gets, and these are very limited run products currently. That's about to change soon, we expect.

The all-around benefits of solventless products continue to present themselves clearly for consumers and producers alike. Free of solvents and often produced as a premium, limited batch, rosin and other solventless cartridges are the future of the market. Customers are willing to pay a reasonable price for a top-notch, solvent-free product that should net producers a sizable earning in the process. Now that’s a win-win.  

How PurePressure Fits Into the Equation

PurePressure is excited to be at the forefront of the market boom. We've partnered with several excellent companies in the space to create rosin cartridges and other stellar products. Recently, we detailed our work with the organic cultivators at Verde Natural and its solventless hash brand DabLogic. Their slow cure, hand trimmed cannabis is 100% organic, soil grown flower, including delicious strains including Big Smooth, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Strawnana and plenty more.

October 15, 2018 by Andrew Ward


Jesus Calderon Jr

Jesus Calderon Jr said:

What’s the best pressure and length of time to press flower at to get the best result. Also what’s the best temp to press. Please let me know to get the most potent rosin I’m new to this and just got my dulytek press

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