4 Solventless Hash Q&A Videos Worth Listening To

Whether you are new to rosin pressing and hash or already a connoisseur of different solventless extraction processes, producing top-tier rosin or mastering hash making will always be a learning process. We all want our products to be consistent, and learning the ins and outs of the hash making process is how it’s done.

Concentrates have become the fastest-growing segment of the legal cannabis market, and solventless hash one of its most popular forms. We recently talked to four of the top solventless hash producers and we have highlighted a few of the key takeaways from our conversations. 

Their experience and amazing tips may be just what you need to step up your solventless extractions game. 

Eric Simpson

Have you ever wondered what’s the optimal temperature for the room you are washing hash in, how to build an adequate washroom, or what type of water to use? In this Q&A, the master of the mold and pro rosin presser, Eric Simpson of SimpsonSolventless, goes into significant detail on everything from top strains, to hash washing tips and tricks, freeze dryers, and just about everything in between.

He will show you exactly how to deal with warmer climates and the coldest temperature you can operate in while still achieving amazing results that don’t compromise quality. 

If you ever wondered why we strive for RO water instead of filtered water, or why you should be careful not using chlorinated water, you should definitely listen to SimpsonSolventless to get the greatest tips to obtain amazing rosin. He explains the differences between washing with different types of water and the outcomes of each one.

The cherry on top of this Q&A is that he shares how he gets awesome THCA doughnuts and pearls and what he considers extraordinary strains or cultivars for solventless products. We’ll give you a hint:  a lot of bananas were mentioned.

Nikka T

Legendary hash maker, and good friend of PurePressure’s, Nikka T, talks with us about hash past and present in the cannabis space. The hash expert himself shares invaluable information about his journey to becoming the hash maker he is today, his travels, and an enormous list of tips and tricks about how you can step up your solventless game. 

He describes the different scenes between Europe and North America, and shares who inspires him in the genetic games and who you should be paying attention to. From La Sagraga, HQ, to Oni Seeds, he shares his admiration for the different breeders out there focusing on hash production.

Ultimately, one of the most fascinating takeaways from this conversation is Nikka T’s preferred strains for washing and pressing--remembering strains from 10 years to his current favorites piercing lemon terpene, and his advice for beginner hash makers or rosin pressers. 

If you are just starting in the hash game, or love pearls of wisdom, this Q&A will give you insights of how to step your hash production game up.


If you are looking for the ultimate knowledgeable conversation about CBD, this is the session you need to hear. 

PurePressure’s Eric Vlosky spoke with Fox of Foxtracts, a high caliber professional hash maker who focuses much of his time on CBD, and who is involved both with developing high-quality CBD strains that will sift or wash well, as well as making some of the very best solventless CBD hash in the world. Fox's insights surrounding CBD are inspiring and his experience providing medicine for children helped shape his career in cannabis. If you are trying to make something commercially viable you might want to know about his experience Sifting CBD/CBG/CBN vs. washing, the different methods and how to get amazing results. 

Fox definitely has the CBD experience surrounding genetics, trichomes and the different viable methods of extraction. In a world where we see CBD pretty much everywhere, Fox takes us back to the essence of the plant and shares his passion CBD being processed solventless. 

Another important takeaway from this session is his thoughts on some of the best CBD products caregivers can make for patients, from tinctures, edibles to capsules and his experience with different patients and kids.


We discussed all kinds of solventless topics with Phil Salazar, Founder and Head rosin tech at SoilGrown. Soilgrown is largely credited with discovering modern rosin extraction as we know it and has been pushing the boundaries on all things solventless since 2014. He offers invaluable advice to hash makers of all experience levels. 

Phil goes into details regarding his favorite blends, how he gets the best ratios and combinations and the best advice for hash makers striving to make the best quality possible.

If you aren't familiar with Soilgrown, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with one of the brightest minds in the hash industry. 

Learn from the Solventless Hash Greats

Each one of these OG’s has a story to tell and for sure whether you are hardcore looking into the best rosin solventless extraction methods, to top of the line CBD, you will delight yourself not only with their tips but their experiences in the industry. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the best and get those industry tips that could help your solventless extraction goals.