New Mexico's Rosin Future Appears Bright

New Mexico was the 12th state to allow qualified citizens to consume medical cannabis back in 2007. Guidelines took nearly two years to complete. However, the market came to fruition at the benefit of its citizens. In the years since, the program has seen expansions, including allowing licensed producers to cultivate more plants while also fighting off repeal efforts in 2011.

Progress continued with additional medical cannabis expansions as well as decriminalizing possession offenses in select cities like Santa Fe and Albuquerque. In recent years, a hemp debate has also raged on so much so that it had the former Governor and their veto being contested in court.

Through all the political back and forth, the state has established itself as a destination for a handful of well-known producers. They include people like husband and wife duo Eric and Rachael Speegle. Since 2010, the two have run Verdes Foundation.

Originally, the plan was to cultivate cannabis for medical use. Today, however, the program has expanded to accessories, concentrates and edibles in addition to flower that comes from the company’s 22,000 square foot facility in Albuquerque. Other in-state cultivators have big goals as well. They include large-scale plans from the state’s most lucrative cultivator, Ultra Health, and its decision to build a 200-acre cultivation site in the southern town Tularosa.

Recent figures found that the state's program currently has over 66,000 patients enrolled in the program - a 40% jump from the year before. In addition to patient growth, the state's industry includes 81 dispensaries, up from 67 the year before, and 35 companies cultivating over 15,000 plants - up from over 13,000 the year prior.

With an upward trajectory on display, New Mexico hash and rosin production is expected to follow. State regulations already allow oils, shatter, wax, vape pens and other concentrates as part of its medical marketplace. If the state expands to adult use, the boom in producers should follow in short order. If true, then an influx of rosin in New Mexico seems like a probable outcome.  

New Mexico Cannabis Craft Rosin Solventless Processing Extraction

New Mexico’s Craft History Fits with Cannabis, Rosin

New Mexico has a long history of art and finely made crafts. This includes the years prior to colonization and the present. With numerous cultures and walks of life calling the land home over the years, New Mexico's art tells a history of the land. This is told through folk art, trails, cultural districts and the vast amount of art in public spaces.

New Mexico's creative community extends beyond art. It includes artists in other professional fields as well. In recent years, that includes the state's booming craft beer brewing scene. Known for bold IPAs and ciders, several of the area's brewers have garnered public praise in recent years.

In addition to the people and cannabis businesses mentioned above, we expect New Mexico's market of skilled cultivators and producers to grow in the coming months and years. This is particularly true in the hash and rosin spaces. We already have a handful of lords of hash and rosin who are known for the skill in crafting six-star level concentrates. With its rich history of making beautiful creations from art to beer, we anticipate that New Mexico will produce its fair contribution of top-flight producers as access expands.

Will New Mexico Legalize in 2019?

The state appears poised to expand its medical market in 2019. However, that may not be the only cannabis progress made in New Mexico this year.

The state is now under the leadership of a new Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. Under Lujan Grishman, the rules could change dramatically. Former Governor Susana Martinez did not personally approve of cannabis, even in medical form. Some also wondered if the Governor would try to repeal the law but those fears, thankfully, never came to fruition.

Those worries will not be an issue under Governor Lujan Grisham. Instead, the state and its cannabis businesses appear to have an ally. That includes a promise to allow for additional business licenses in the first 30 days of her term.

With Lujan Grisham leading the state, lawmakers may be inclined to submit legalization bills. Efforts were made under the past administration but were pulled after it was not part of then-Governor Martinez's 30-day session. Meanwhile, citizens appear to support legalization at a significant number.

All these factors appear to be lining up for a possible renewed legalization effort in New Mexico. While we can’t assume what will happen, the trend in the U.S. shows that recreational measures are on the rise. With Michigan set to become a significant player, and New York and New Jersey on the cusp of legalizing, the Southwest is one part of the country that has yet to embrace legalization truly. The first substantial movement very well could come from New Mexico.

If so, then we believe that cannabis cultivation should spike. Along with it will be concentrates production. Should the state legalize, rosin in New Mexico should take off. Additional production facilities will join the market. As will home producers looking to make DIY yields for themselves and friends.

Regardless of the operation’s size, PurePressure is happy to provide you with all the molds, rosin presses, and freeze dryers needed to make premier rosin and bubble hash. Those looking to make solventless products in New Mexico need to get ready today. We’re happy to help. Contact us to learn more.