What Goes Into Making The Best Rosin Filter Bags

It’s been a long journey from the first hand-stitched bags made at home on mom’s sewing machine to what we have now in the marketplace for rosin bags, and it turns out there is a lot more to making a food grade rosin filter bag than it might seem. While many people take the bags they use for granted or have cycled through a few brands before choosing one they stick with, it’s worth noting that development in the technology of rosin filtration is an extremely active topic at PurePressure.

When you use a rosin press, what you choose to filter your oil with is one of the key difference makers in producing terrific solventless oil. There are a ton of options out there, but very few if any aside from PurePressure’s rosin bags come with full food grade certificates and are the product of years of extensive research and development.  

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Food Grade Nylon Rosin Filtration Bags

Ask yourself, "What is in my product when I'm consuming it?" It seems like a simple question, but all too often, is simply overlooked. With solventless products, it should be clear enough to say that there are no chemicals found in the final products. Heat, pressure, and filtration are the key ways that solventless rosins are concentrated from the original trichome resin glands. The size of the filtration aperture, what material the filtration is made from, and how vigorously the filtration media has been tested are all critical factors in the rosin pressing process. At PurePressure, we keep these points in mind all the time. 

For a look at how we adhere to industry standards, look no further than our monofilament weaves used in all of our rosin filter bags. Our mesh provides consumers with bags woven from a single, uninterrupted strand that greatly improves the resulting durability of the rosin filter bag itself. To ensure that we live up to and exceed industry standards, we followed the "recipe" laid out by top manufacturing experts in the space used in other industries, from aerospace to pharmaceuticals.  

Saying you meet the FDA standards is one thing but actually testing the material for the intended use to be sure it meets the FDA criteria is the proper way to get things done.  PurePressure has invested a significant amount of time, energy and capital to prove that our products live up to the FDA specs and, most importantly, that we offer a reliable rosin bag. 

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Choosing Nylon Over Polyester for a Rosin Bag

Before any polyester supporters break out the pitchforks, let us be clear: We're not against polyester bags. In fact, our original line of rosin filter bags were all made with polyester, and they work great. When developing our new filtration bags, the idea of continuing to use polyester came up repeatedly. With FDA specs laid out, creating a polyester option certainly isn’t off the table, but after listening to the feedback of our customers, it became clear that a nylon option was in high demand. We see benefits in nylon that other materials can’t provide. With either material however, there are tradeoffs, and we did a deep dive into both. 

When it came down to choosing a material, nylon won out due to its mechanical benefits. What stood out most was the flexibility and elasticity of nylon. Nylon's ability to stretch can be highly beneficial to prevent a blowout (filter failure). With polyester, it is more rigid and retains its micron rating much better, but instead of flexing or stretching, once it reaches its maximum tensile capacity, it tends to simply break. Nylon on the other hand offers some degree of stretch, which affords users a bit of give that they won’t find elsewhere. We have weighed this balance of size retention and durability and found that by simply decreasing the aperture of your mesh (smaller micron) you can account for the stretch AND see an increase in overall strength. The end result is something our customers have found works well in this application. 

Rosin Bags, Made in Colorado

PurePressure is a Colorado company. Operated out of the Centennial State, we are proud to work with local businesses to produce the solventless industry's top products, such as our filtration rosin bags, as well as many other pieces of equipment and accessories that cater to solventless folks.

Supply chain hurdles top the list of headaches for numerous operators in the space. Consider a worst case scenario for a company. If its product blows out, the company has to contact international partners, update its spec and corral any shipments that may have gone out. In the case of a home-grown producer, they can immediately get the attention of in-house or nearby producers. From there, they revise specs and are on top of quality control issues in a fraction of the time. 

While some tout the cost-benefit of outsourcing, the risks do present themselves. By working with local businesses, PurePressure believes in avoiding such problems and paying the additional costs, and which helps create jobs here in the United States. Over time, this decision has paid off repeatedly. No one wants to be left waiting to press.

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What Makes a Terrific Rosin Filter Bag

Rosin producers deserve a filtration bag that provides durability and reliability without breaking the bank. With our newest rosin bag, you'll get just that. Between its FDA food grade quality, flexibility and durability, each rosin bag is catered to meet the demands of any size pressing while providing comfort in its capabilities. Once you get your hands on these bags, you’ll never want to go back to the competition.

Your material deserves a bag that won’t come apart at the seams when pushed to the limit. With our FDA food grade filtration bags, you’ll get that and the flexibility to take on even more. To meet the needs of all types of producers, we carry a range of sizes, from 2"x3" to 2.5"x9' and offer a full range of microns for all material types, ranging from 25μm to 160μm. Whether you’re pressing 6 star bubble hash or your own flower, we’ve got a bag that will work with any size press plates.