How to Use PurePressure’s 25μ Stainless Steel Mesh Hash Wraps

Mesh screens are an essential part of any fine material extraction. Whether it be bubble hash, kief or an array of other materials, using a rosin wrap keeps your oil secured and not bursting out at the seams. They make clean up manageable, and more importantly, allow you to retain the oil that's produced.

A top-quality screen needs to be able to withstand the pressure and the heat your press applies. Ideally, your screen can handle the temperature and pressure well in excess of any press required. These factors ensure the screens can last and  you won't run up costs or increase the chance of having a blow out in production.

Stainless steel mesh is the best choice for finer material extraction. Extraction pros turn to stainless steel rosin filters to produce rosin and factor into a number of other processes. They include solventless mechanical fractioning, terpene separations, THCA isolations, rosin cartridges and a series of others.

PurePressure is thrilled to present the most exceptional rosin press filtration on the market, the 25μ Stainless Steel Mesh. It's thinner than paper at 53μ thick and is soft as silk to boot. The ultra-fine stainless steel mesh screens are ideal for pressing ice water hash or sift into incredible rosin. You can get your steel rosin wraps in a 10 roll as well as two pre-cut sizes, 12" x 12" and 18" x 18". They come in packs of 5, 10, 25, and 100.

Using Stainless Steel Mesh

Using stainless steel mesh screens is a rather straightforward process once you get a handle on it. Before diving into the steps, it is crucial that you always wear gloves when handling steel mesh. Failing to do so can lead to contamination and possible reduce an otherwise premium-quality product.

Like standard rosin pressing, you can have the basics down in no time. From there, learning the pro tips will come over time. To give you a slight leg up on your pro tips, avoid blowouts by wrapping your material with the primary threads of the stainless steel vertically oriented. Put your screen against a light and delicately look for the direction the threads run. Remember, a soft hand is essential at this step.

Now that you’ve got some basics under your belt, it’s time to dive into using your steel mesh for rosin extraction.

Stainless Steel Rosin Filter Mesh Hash Rosin Stainless Steel Mesh PurePressure

1. Grease is the Word

Just like you would with frozen groceries, you have to let your hash thaw out before you can put it to use. Except, instead of thawing, we’re looking for our hash to grease. This step can take between 15-30 minutes to do properly. However, there are ways to speed up the process without harming the integrity of your yield.

To do so, wrap your hash and place it in water. Next, apply your hands over the bubble hash. After a bit of application, your material should become easier to mold and shape.

You can form up to 236g of hash or more into a patty in our 18" x 18" sheets, but we typically recommend users do about 100g at a time of bubble hash in their stainless steel wraps until they feel completely comfortable using them.

And one more tip that you hopefully used well before getting to this step: Only use quality material. Your mesh screen won’t be able to turn a mediocre product into an excellent yield. Always choose the best flower to work with when doing your washing!

25 Micron Stainless Steel Hash Rosin Mesh PurePressure Hash Wrap

2. Shape Your Hash Into Patties

Here, you’re looking for uniform shape. We shape our’s into bars and separate the hash into pieces for individual pressings. Be sure to keep the patties, at most, half an inch thick to maintain the quality of your yield.

Hash Rosin Filter Mesh 25 Micron Hash Wrap Stainless Steel Rosin Mesh

3. Wrap Your Pattie

Once again, a soft hand wins out. Delicately wrap your material so that it isn’t bound too tightly. You want to allow it a little room to expand to prevent a blowout. Do not wrap it so loosely the patty slides around, but just enough that there is just a little room. Repeat this process at least three times. When completed, clip off any excess steel mesh.

Stainless Steel Rosin Filter Bag Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Hash Rosin Rosin Wrap

4.  Pre-heat Your Press and Get to Business

Now, it’s time to press some hash. As you’ll see in our video below, we went with 180°F of heat for two and a half minutes. This left us with an 80% yield!