Parchment Paper Sheets 35lb Ultra Bake

$ 89.99

These 35lb parchment paper sheets are ultra durable, non-stick, and perfect for pressing rosin or working with concentrates. 100% USA made.

Our 35lb premium genuine vegetable parchment paper is the highest quality & most affordable parchment you will find! This paper is FDA, food-grade approved so no need to worry about contaminates in your final product! These sheets are pre-cut to fit your Pikes Peak rosin press perfectly. Manufactured with minimal permeability, these sheets significantly reduce essential oils bleeding through your parchment and onto the heat plates.

Pre-cut sheets are also the perfect size to fit your Longs Peak, Pikes Peak, Helix Pro, or Helix rosin press.

No more wasting time cutting that ideal parchment size! Just fold the paper in half and insert into the clip holders on the press, then place the rosin bag in between the two sheets and you are ready to squish your material.


Made In USA

Paper Sizes:

Paper Weight: 35LB


Double Sided Silicone Coating Ultra Bake

Kosher & FDA Approved

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