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Most orders ship free in the USA!
Most orders ship free in the USA!

Large Size Extraction Parchment Paper Sheets

$ 249.99

These FDA food grade 35lb parchment paper sheets are ultra durable, non-stick, and perfect for just about any kind of commercial processing or kitchen operation. Manufactured with minimal permeability, these bleached sheets work with freeze dryers, for live resin, edible baking, and much more. Step up from cheaper grocery store parchment to the best. To top it off, it's 100% USA made! 

  • Kosher & FDA approved parchment paper
  • Comes in a 1,000 pack, each sheet is 16-3/8" x 24-3/8"
  • Double sided premium 35lb silicone ultra bake sheets
  • Works great for virtually any commercial application where parchment paper or a nonstick baking or purging surface is required
  • Full declaration of FDA food grade compliance here

These sheets are a major step up from economy, low weight parchment paper, saving you time and money at a very affordable price. Use these in any lab for just about anything!

Note: these sheets will work with any of our rosin presses (and are the same quality as our other fitted parchment paper sheets) but will need to be cut or folded to size beforehand.

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