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Large Bubble Hash Freeze Dryer By Harvest Right

$ 3,945.00

Better capacity and bigger trays than a standard or small-sized Harvest Right freeze dryer. This Large standard freeze dryer gives you plenty of tray capacity and simple to use options to freeze dry your bubble hash or ice water extracts with ease. These models are available in powder coated black or white as well as stainless steel.

Looking for even more capacity? For only a 19% cost increase, you can get up to 90% more tray capacity per cycle with a Large Pharmaceutical freeze dryer.

  • With a freeze dryer purchase from PurePressure, you'll get settings, tips, and tricks from the pros on how to use it properly right out of the box, a benefit exclusively provided for our customers only
  • 5 tray slots with a wet hash capacity of 6 - 8 lb per run, or 1.5 - 2 dry hash output per cycle
  • Includes an oil vacuum pump with purchase
  • Full color touchscreen display
  • Standard powder coated versions weigh 138 lb, stainless steel version weighs 158 lb
  • Operates on 110v, with a 20 amp dedicated circuit required for operation

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Lead Time & Shipping: while we do stock these freeze dryers regularly, please contact us for an up-to-date lead time as it changes frequently. Scientific-model freeze dryers are built to order. Shipping and handling is included in the retail price to the lower 48 states. 

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